Why Sex in Space Has Not Happened Yet (NSFW)

Want to try having sex in space? I dare you.

Sure, you’re cool when you are part of the Mile High Club. You take that pride of being in a group that takes sex to a different level. Literally. But given that there are now proposals of flights outside the atmosphere, do you still want to do the deed?

If you are up for the thrill, then welcome to the 250-Mile High Club! Though it’s not really a matter of wanting it, but a matter of feasibility.

So can you really have sex in space?

According to the facts I have gathered, yes. But records say that it hasn’t been tried. At least not yet, because astronauts know for a fact that it can become messy and unsatisfying. What’s the point of them trying?

One thing about having sex on Earth is the advantage of pull of gravity. It helps men have boners, as it regulates a man’s blood flow to the lower extremities.

In case you missed it: space doesn’t have the same gravitational pull, so keeping a hardon might be difficult. What is there in sex without a stiffie?

By theory, it will also be tricky for women during sexytime in space.

John Millis, a physicist from Anderson University has this to say: “Vaginal wetness could be an issue, as the fluid — like sweat and tears — will tend to pool at the location of secretion in the absence of gravity,” he says. “This wouldn’t inhibit arousal necessarily, but I imagine it would be uncomfortable/unpleasant.”

As he illustrated, sweating in space isn’t like what it is on our ground. There, water molecules stick together like glue which clusters into small lakes and pool among the natural gaps of the body.

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Source: Syfy
Source: Syfy

Just imagine that. It would be a sticky experience with all the sweat in the middle of space sex. Unless of course, you can bang without letting off steam. But that’s physically impossible, since sex is naturally hot and sweaty. That’s unromantic enough not to give it a shot for the 250-Mile High Club.

Other than the relationship of our body with gravity, a great struggle of doing the nasty in space would be the activity people refer to as humping. Because, duh, the people involved in the coitus will be rotating over the place if they aren’t fixed.

“Every push or thrust will propel the astronaut in the opposite direction,” Millis explains. “Imagine a pair of ice skaters standing on fresh ice. If they were to push their hands against one another, they would each shoot backwards away from each other.”

Millis went on to describe the mechanics of sex act to be difficult and “somewhat awkward”, because the astronauts would have to be properly anchored, not only to the space station itself, but also to each other.

With all these things considered – and by the way, porn is prohibited in space – still want to go for it? I doubt it.

It is important to note, however, that American astronaut Ron Garan revealed in a Reddit AMA that one can have a “quiet time” in the vastness of the International Space Station. This, after he was asked about having privacy out there.

What does he mean by that? He did not specify. But one redditor mentioned “spacesturbation”. His guess is just as good as mine. Now I’m wondering how Garan cleaned himself up.

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Why Sex in Space Has Not Happened Yet (NSFW)

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