The Top Software Trends to Watch Out For

There’s so much to be excited about the future of software.

Here are the software trends and new technologies that you should know.

There’s so much to be excited about the future of software. With the rapid development of the technology that transpired this year – from augmented reality to machine learning to automation – the following year holds a promise of continuing these emerging trends that dominate across different industries.

Perhaps this year, all of that will soar to an entirely new level. Software is expected to focus on customization and the power of big data analysis, experts say. Here’s an in-depth look:

Data and Analytics

Software trends and new technologies

Data plays a critical role in modern software development. For every search, click, and form entry that users do on the Internet, it contains embedded information and insights that drive understanding of the performance of a target task.

Software analytics is composed of a trinity: the system, its users, and the development process. These three combines the technologies employed like machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, information visualization and data computing.

This is expected to grow this year to guide decisions especially in sales. More businesses will depend on analytical tools to combine customer data with unstructured communication, industry benchmarks and algorithms.

Artificial Intelligence

Software trends and new technologies

Considered to be one of the biggest threats to mankind, artificial intelligence will be made to be smarter and better this year. Machines and devices are slowly learning to adapt and respond to their environments entirely on their own. What we usually see in science fiction movies are becoming part of the reality.

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This year had witnessed imminent threats related to the expansion of artificial intelligence. While it is undeniable that they provide the effective shortcuts solutions to problems, AI-enabled machines and systems are still to show what extent their power could do. But so far, it is seen to be one of the most disruptive forces in software.



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One of the most widely used applications of software is automation that provides benefits to virtually all of the industries.

Through its technique of making processes and systems become self-acting or self-regulating, automation allows for increased productivity and quality, improved consistency of processes or products, and reduced direct human labor costs and expenses.

There will be a huge lift of automation in its wide scope of application. This year, drastic changes are most likely to happen with the manufacturing, transportation, utilities, security, and communications sectors across developed countries.

Cloud Services

Software trends and new technologies

Storage of data has become less dependent on hard drives and more on the Internet. This phenomenon, called cloud computing, is an easy solution to store and access data and programs without the need for physical data storage.

Having cloud-based applications, or software as a service, allows an easy access from any connected computer without the need to purchase, install, update, and maintain the software. The cloud provides a service able to dynamically scale to usage needs, while securely storing data even upon breakage of the computer.

This is anticipated to expand as individuals, businesses, and tech giants see the convenience of cloud services.

Text Parsing

The process of making a typed input into a simplified format that can be understood by a computer is called text parsing. Software with this feature will most likely grow to organize the unstructured the growing data coming from social media, forums, and emails.

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Businesses are the ones who will greatly benefit from text parsing as it can be used to further consolidate and understand the customers’ feedback. Through this, they will be able to filter the responses, direct to the teams about the urgent matters, and provide the necessary customer support.

The Internet of Things

Our devices, machines, accessories, and even buildings have never been more connected thanks to the Internet of Things, which is a network of smart devices with an on and off switch to the Internet. At most, it enables us to build smart cities with organized transportation networks, higher energy efficiency, and improved security, among others.

Software has a lot to do with the flourish of the IoT. It should be designed to perform a specific purpose and understand challenges enveloped in the network.

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The Top Software Trends to Watch Out For

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