Brits Test Harry Potter Inspired Invisibility Cloak

Vatec allows troops to hide even from infrared and heat-searching.

Invisibility Cloak

If you’ve ever dreamed of using your very own Invisibility Cloak, you’ll be glad to hear that a Harry Potter inspired camouflage technology is already being tested in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Invisibility Cloak (Source: ibnlive)

The Vatec device was used by British troops from the 3rd battalion: The Rifles during the testing on US soil. The participants reported that in their mock battles, the snipers using the device were able to dodge the latest heat-seeking and infrared technology.

The material was initially researched by MIt and the University of Illinois when they were trying to replicate the chromatophores from animals like the octopus which makes them able to blend with their environments to avoid predators. Researchers were able to mimic that technology and put it on the Vatec device using technology known as visual appearance modulation.

The Vatec device could be used to camouflage soldiers and vehicles during battle within 5 years

Invisibility Cloak (Source: Giphy)

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Brits Test Harry Potter Inspired Invisibility Cloak

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