Whoa! A Solar Power Plant Fashion Show

This Model Used The Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant as Her Runway

A long straight stage can be a boring place for a model to show off her clothes. The clothes may be gorgeous but without an interesting background, the fashion show wouldn’t be very memorable for an industry that thrives on the ever-constant changes of the trends. So, this model wants her fashion show to be an event people would talk about – not just in the fashion industry but also to everyone who supports the green energy movement. A solar power plant fashion show!

Solar Power Plant Fashion Show (Source: RT)

Meet Jessica Minh Anh. She’s a model, entrepreneur and a fashion show producer, who transforms popular places into phenomenal catwalks. She has made catwalks out of places such as the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, Petronas Twin Towers and Londons Tower Bridge.

What an awesome way to make a mark in the fashion world.

For her 10th year in making extravagant productions, she chose the famous Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant in Seville, Spain. Who would have thought that this power plant can be made into an awesome cinematic backdrop for the J Summer Fashion Show 2015?

Solar Power Plant Fashion Show (Source: JModel Management)

Wearing a red flamenco dress, Minh Anh strut the catwalk located in the main road at the center of the power plant, followed by other models wearing maxi dresses. The show’s audience sat on both sides of the catwalk while drones flew around on top. These drones filmed the whole show and featured how the sunlight gives a stunning effect on the power plant’s surroundings.

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Solar Power Plant Fashion Show (Source: JModel Management)

Thanks to Jessica Minh Anh’s catwalk stint last July 2015, it inspired other people in the creative world to pay attention to green energy as well. In an interview, Minh Anh how Gemasolar inspired her to take her extravagant show to this power plant:

“Gemasolar took my breath away. It represents a rare modern beauty, which sees the best of designs and sustainability efforts in one place. I would consider this show my most challenging yet exciting project so far.”

With Minh Anh’s ambitious creative side, where will she take her fashion show next? Would it also involve the theme of renewable energy in her next projects?

Solar Power Plant Fashion Show (Source: Ruptly TV)

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Whoa! A Solar Power Plant Fashion Show

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