How the UAE Space Program is Keeping People Happy

There is a link between the Emirates Mars Mission and happiness. Find out what it is.

(Source: Khaleej Times)

UAE Space Program = People Happiness

A space program cannot run its systems and operations without ingenious inventions to make it work. Inventions like batteries, solar panels, memory foam, insulation, workout machines, freeze drying and water filters are what composes a space program, and are adapted humans for general purpose. This largely improves the quality of life of humans; therefore, we are happier.

UAE Space Program Manager (Source: Pinterest)

UAE Space Program Manager (Source: UAE Space Agency)

This is how the project manager of the Emirates Mars Mission Omran Sharaf perceives the link between space programs and our quality of life, speaking at the International Conference for Future Governments at the Dubai convention centre. He highlighted that other than aiming to send a probe to the Red Planet in 2020, the discoveries intended for the space program are extended to daily life.

Omran Sharaf, UAE Space Program Manager (Source: Gulf News)

Amer Al Sayegh, project manager of the first satellite built entirely by Emirati engineers called KhalifaSat, specifically adds that satellites are a perfect example of how space technologies help us with tasks. “If you make a simple mobile phone call or are using GPS to navigate, satellites make this all possible,” said Mr Al Sayegh

UAE Space Program Manager (Source: UAE Space Agency)

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How the UAE Space Program is Keeping People Happy

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