When Being An Adult Is Hard For New Engineers

Welcome to a life where being an adult sucks but you have to fight the urge to give up.

We’re at the stage of our lives where everything promising is given to us – a promising career, a promising feeling of finally becoming independent from our families and a promising future. Every promise given when we were still in engineering school was planted on our heads and we think, “Nothing’s going to stop me from becoming the rich and successful engineer that I’ll be.”

But reality steps in and gives us a taste of what it really feels like to be an adult – to be a new engineer with no experience in the industry, a lack of knowledge of handling our finances and the dying thirst to prove ourselves to everyone around us. The bills arrive and we start to wonder how the hell are we going to pay all of those. Our parents would nag us about our career choices and constantly ask us if we’ll ever learn how to be independent from them. We lose old friends along the way and meeting new friends is rare now.

Don’t forget the adjustments we have to go through as we start working. It’s a lot different from college. We can’t call in sick whenever we feel like it and we can’t be childish when dealing with office politics. Our bosses can push us to the limit until we breakdown. Our workmates will underestimate our capabilities because we are new and we are naive. You’d find yourself wishing that you never left college at all.

Welcome to the real world. Welcome to a life where being an adult sucks but you have to fight the urge to give up. 

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It’s never going to get easy. We will have normal days but we will also have terrible days where we just want to go home to our parents’ house, curl up in our old bed and cry. You will always have people that will question your abilities as an engineer and money will never grow on trees. It’s not going to get easier just like what the others who came before us will tell you.

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The chances of us getting screwed over and over again are high and we will have to find ways where we have pretend we’re okay even if we’re not. Being an adult sucks. Again, adulthood will suck the innocence out of you but you have to accept that. #Adulting is going to be hard but you have to remember that you will eventually get stronger, wiser and better as you move forward in your journey.

You will improve, trust me. You will learn how to fight. You will learn how to get better. You will learn how to #adult. So trust yourself in the process of getting older with more responsibilities. Lastly, don’t worry. You will be fine… eventually.

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When Being An Adult Is Hard For New Engineers

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