Which Type of Nerd Are You?

While pop culture has a habit of depicting nerds as losers, there are so many of us who prove that nerds are cool and sexy.

It’s okay to admit it. We’re all nerds. While pop culture has a habit of depicting nerds as losers, there are so many of us who prove that nerds are cool and sexy. But it can’t be helped that there really are nerds that are weird as well. It depends on the person actually. However, if there’s one thing we can’t deny, it’s that nerds have the power to rule the world. Just look at the richest men on Earth – you have Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg that leads the pack.

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However, if you’re wondering if there are different kinds of nerds out there, yes there are. In a visual guide provided by Design Taxi, you’ll see that the interests of different nerds vary. There’s the anime nerd and the cosplay nerd. See the visual guide below to find out which one are you:

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Comic Nerd

They are very obsessed with comic books. You’ll know if someone’s a comic nerd if that person likes to wear comic t-shirts often. It’s too obvious. Attending comic book conventions is like the highlight of the year for them.

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Anime Nerd

If there’s one thing an anime nerd can’t stop talking about, it’s the latest episode of the anime he’s been watching lately. One also never fails to mention how often he’s watched a beloved anime that’s been around even before you were born.

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Internet Nerd

They are shy in public but very vocal once they get access to the internet. In fact, they have thousands of friends over at the internet. They might also be the nerds who make up different conspiracies you read on the internet.

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Books Nerd

They’re the quiet ones you see reading a book while having their coffee in a coffee shop. They really hate it if you disturb them while they’re too involved with the book they’re reading.

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D&D Nerd

D&D is short for Dungeons and Dragons. It’s the most famous pen & paper role playing game. In this game, you get to be an elf, a wizard, a halfling, or a barbarian. A dungeon master will be assigned to create challenges for those who join the game. Of course, if you want to know more about the game, you can always approach a D&D nerd.

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Sci-Fi Nerd

Star Wars, Star Trek and any sci-fi film that ever came out, this nerd knows them all. If you happen to fall for one, make sure you know your sci-fi movies and tv shows.

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Gamer Nerd

The gamer nerd likes to spend his free time playing with the latest version of Final Fantasy. If one happens to have a girlfriend, the girl doesn’t have to worry about the nerd cheating on her. He’ll be too busy playing video games.

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Film Nerd

If you’re looking for the perfect film to watch this Saturday night, this nerd will give you a wide range of movie options you can watch. This nerd always has something to say about the latest movie that came out and likes to give reviews about a film on his Facebook wall.

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Cosplay Nerd

These creative nerds are willing to spend thousands of dollars just to recreate the perfect look of their favorite characters. They are always present in cosplay conventions and people love to have their pictures taken with them.

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Which Type of Nerd Are You?

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