5 Tech Trends That Will Change 2018

While there are many trends that fizzle over the years, here are some tech trends that are sure to make a difference

Tech trends come and go, it’s their nature. But what trends are strong enough that withstood the test of time and is possibly going to affect you next year. We’ve created a list of tech trends that we think will come far and could produce a massive effect this 2018.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is getting even smarter

Mostly everything nowadays have access to the internet, even your toaster. That makes the Internet of Things spread to even greater reaches than before. These smart devices gather all your usage information and calculates everything according to your needs, all without human intervention.


One of the greatest news of last quarter was that of Emerson Global trying to acquire Rockwell Automation. They sent out 3 offers, all of which were declined. The primary reason Emerson was buying Rockwell was for the sake of their automation. Regular machines sometimes need manual supervision while automated machines can stand alone. This eliminates any waste of resources that a company uses every time.

3D Printing opens up doors for manufacturers

The technology has been there for a while, but the possibility of it entering large scale manufacturing has yet to come. Instead of cutting down a larger piece to create smaller pieces (i.e. metal into small parts), 3D printers could create the exact shape from various materials, without wasting any extra resources. These could be in the form of concrete, plastic, and even food!

Platforms, communities, and engagement

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It’s hard to build a community that supports your brand in 1994, but today, it’s way easier than it should be. Platforms help you connect and engage with your customers. Many companies like Facebook and Twitter rely on platforms to keep their content managed and up to date. Targeting a specific market is as easy as going to your platform and advertising.

Increasing ‘datafication’

Everything we say and do, we log on social media. Posting a photo, sending a tweet, and even adding a story on your timeline leaves breadcrumbs; a trail of your information just wandering around on the internet. As of today, people are adding more and more information on the internet, estimating a double in cloud data every two years. People create websites for EVERYTHING. Storing only specific information like where to buy an item, or even posting an online resume. Having a good internet presence is an awesome thing to have, but beware of all the data you post online.




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5 Tech Trends That Will Change 2018

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