This is Google Jamboard Whiteboard

The board has 16 levels of pressure sensitive touch and nice animations that will surely bring things like erasing and writing more exciting

Jamboard Whiteboard

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After a few weeks of launching a pair of smartphones, a virtual reality headset and a smart home hub, they’re ready to unveil a new device that may change the way we have meetings—a whiteboard.

Google calls their latest creation, which was the product of a few years’ worth of development, the Jamboard. In an attempt to take workplace tools to the world of smart technology, they were able to produce this. According to Jonathan Rochelle, G Suite’s Director of Product, this project was born from a desire to build a new tablet interface for G Suite, the collection of business apps formerly known as Google Apps for Work, wherein everyone can collaborate.

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“Jamboard is the whiteboard now n Google Cloud.” Rochelle said. The Jamboard is a 55-inch 4K touchscreen hub for workplace collaborations that was designed from the ground up. It has an interface many are familiar with, and it makes us of Google Drive so that users in person or with a tablet or smartphone faraway will be able to participate in the meeting. Now that’s convenient! All they need to have is the company’s companion apps for iOS and Android—we’ll have to wait for Windows.

This hardware has been tested by Google along with many high profile partners. These include Netflix and Spotify, who have been trying the new device out in their own corporate boardrooms. The resulting device was impressive. Jamboard was built from scratch, it’s easy to operate and has an extremely responsive interface. Users can draw with the included passive stylus and eraser, they can also erase using their fingers! People who are faraway can be involved in the meeting too, they can add notes and comments from their smartphones and it will automatically pop onto the screen!

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The board has 16 levels of pressure sensitive touch and nice animations that will surely bring things like erasing and writing more exciting. The system runs on a specialized version of Android which features a built in browser as well as Google Maps among its other features, as well as opening it up to third party apps.

The system also has Google Cast built in, so it can also be used as a big video display. It’s complete with speakers, and a magnetic tray that holds the stylus and eraser. The speakers are loud enough to support teleconferencing audio, and has a built in Bluetooth so you can run it through a different speaker.

Google chose 4K because they think that the high resolution is necessary so they could avoid pixilation when you’re up close the board. It has a 2k camera as well to capture telepresence at 60 frames per second. All of these collaborations occur in real-time, so it is possible to monitor the board on a mobile device with very minimal latency. Once the project is done, you can share it with the team as PDF or PNG.

Other than those awesome features, it looks really cool as well. It comes with standard USB ports at its beautifully sculpted back, along with a USB C, HDMI and Ethernet. The board can be mounted on to a wall or you can buy the optional stand. The Jamboard will be launched next year, so let’s wait for more updates.

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This is Google Jamboard Whiteboard

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