These Engineers Built the Most Badass Street Legal Engines

Street legal engines: The world has seen a wide range of vehicles that rides faster and better than their previous versions.

Street legal engines (Source: Pinterest)

With every new car launched in the market, we defeat the existing model with respect to style, speed, features and much more. Today, we bring to you a list of the most spectacular street legal engines that have been launched in the market up to date and will definitely lure you to take a ride.

The Jet Motorcycle

This bad boy Top Gun jet bike is the most reasonable, logical thing any man has ever done. The jet fuel starter from an F-14 was used in a motorcycle, a Suzuki Hayabusa, to be precise. Now, the world’s most notorious bike, Jet Hayabusa, fires 8-foot-long flames from the afterburner.

Source: Jet Power Motorcycles

Il Tempo Gigante

This Il Tempo Gigante is a bad boy replica of the Pinchcliffe Grand Prix car that was showcased in the 1975 blockbuster film Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. This old-time car, with a top speed of 200 mph, was modeled after the movie’s dual-engine behemoth. The car’s own dual engine develops a collective 1,200 horsepower and is 22 feet long and weighs over 3 tons.

Street legal engines (Source: Giphy)

Street legal engines (Source: tommykarstensen)

The Eliica

“Eliica”, which stands for “electric lithium-ion battery car,” has eight independent wheels. Each wheel has its own private motor, which means more horsepower. The vehicle is electric, which implies that there is no need of any transmission or changing of gears. The vehicle can go upto 230 mph, however it is expected that it will soon go up and above 250 mph.

Street legal engines (Source: Wikimedia)
Street legal engines (Source: Giphy)

A Drivable Batpod

Your childhood dream of being batman might just be to be fulfilled with the help of this baby! Yes, it’s true! Now, you can drive and fly on your own custom replica of the batpod. This new car has been powered by an 850cc Aprilla Mana drivetrain, which offers you a chance to enjoy the ride up and down.

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Street legal engines (Photo credit: Giphy)

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These Engineers Built the Most Badass Street Legal Engines

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