Go-kart vs. Audi S4 vs. Porsche – Epic Automotive Battle

A modified go-kart with the 230 HP engine of a Honda CBR1000RR has a drag race with a 1080 HP Audi S4 B5.

This is an epic automotive battle.

Go-karting is certainly a most pleasurable activity. However, for some lovers of adrenaline, the speed of a go-kart leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s face it, driving at 16mph is something we normally do on the road. When it comes to a racetrack, we do desire a bit more speed. It is this desire to go faster that inspired someone to modify a go-kart to go at a speed of 199mph or 320kph. Now that is the speed we’re talking about!!!

Epic Automotive Battle (Source: Shock Mansion)

The modification seems quite simple in theory. Instead of a regular go-kart engine, the makers used the engine that can be found in the Honda CBR1000RR, also popularly known as Fireblade. The guys behind the modification took the engine and upgraded it so that it could produce a nice 230 HP. Of course, the guys also modified the go-kart and upgraded it with a reinforced but lightweight chassis. In fact, the entire car has been made by hand.

Epic Automotive Battle (Source: Gumbal)

With the right kind of driver behind the wheels, this go-kart becomes capable of some incredible feats such as going up against an Audi and coming out on top. The go-kart is capable of going from 0 mph to 62 mph in just 2.4 seconds. It takes only 9.1 seconds to reach the quarter mile mark. The stats are simply mind-blowing.

Epic Automotive Battle (Source: Gumbal)

Some guy decided to take this kickass go-kart out for a spin. However, simply racing against another go-kart seemed to be a pointless exercise. Therefore, they went up against an Audi S4 B5. Keep in mind that this Audi has a 1080 HP engine. Now, in a drag race with a 320 HP car, the Audi would easily leave the other biting the dust. That only makes the victory of the go-kart all the sweeter in the end. Talk about an underdog victory!

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Epic Automotive Battle (Source: Gumbal)

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Go-kart vs. Audi S4 vs. Porsche – Epic Automotive Battle

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