This Gold Plated Nissan GT-R Costs $1 Million

Do you have $1 million to buy this

Gold Plated Nissan GT-R. Only in Dubai!

Gold Plated Nissan GT-R (Source: Vade)

Every car enthusiast would eat their hearts out once they get to see this stunning gold plated car featured at the recent Automechanika car show in Dubai. While most of you may think this car is a little bit too extravagant, well, it certainly is and it’ll cost you $1 million to purchase it.

Gold Plated Nissan GT-R (Source: DDBI Entertainment)

Dubbed as “Godzilla”, the gold painted car has a 3.8 liter V6 twin turbo 545 hp engine. It also comes with additional horsepower and torque. This Nissan R35 GT-R is a product of the combined efforts of expert engraver Takahiko Izawa, Artis and Kuhl Racing.

“Only one of its kind has been made in Japan and the only in the world. We are proud to display it here in Dubai, because the people of the UAE have better knowledge about cars and appreciate their value.” says Kazuyo Furusho, the project’s main coordinator.

Gold Plated Nissan GT-R (Source: DDBI Entertainment)

According to Furusho, they have received plenty of enquiries already from elite Emirati personalities who want to buy their car.

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This Gold Plated Nissan GT-R Costs $1 Million

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