Toyota Proves that Cheap Can be Cheerful with their Cheapest Cars – Vios & Wigo!

If you are in the market for a car, but wouldn't be caught dead spending your money on a used old beater, Toyota has the prescription just for you with the Toyota Vios and Wigo!

Toyota Vios for sale

A decade or two ago, cars such as the Toyota Corolla were widely rated as the go-to cars for new families and young professionals. The Corolla even used to serve as the cheapest Toyota car in the Philippines with its affordable price during the said period.

However, in the past two years, thanks in part to the TRAIN law (a law restructuring and rationalizing tax collection in the Philippines effectively increasing car prices in the market and inflation), the Corolla and other econo vehicles have moved up-market. With those price increases, they have distanced themselves from their target car market.

Thankfully, new car models were introduced to replace these gentrified car models and offer quality, entry-level motoring. Enter cars such as the Toyota Vios and Wigo.

These cars have replaced the now upmarket Toyota Corolla Altis for the crown as the cheapest Toyota cars in the Philippines. They may be the most affordable cars but they are far from having low quality. Their low prices along with Toyota’s low down payment plans in the Philippines care of their in-house financing program will make owning a Toyota a walk in the park.

The Toyota Vios priced from P688,000 is currently in its fourth generation. Powered by either a 1.3 or 1.5 gasoline engine and available in both 5-speed manual transmission and Continuously Variable Transmission, the car seats five in absolute comfort.


You also get Dual airbags and Antilock brakes with Electronic Brake Force Distribution across all variants as well as power doors and windows. Gone are the days of entry-level Japanese cars that feel more like penalty boxes than actual vehicles.

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The Wigo is their model that does battle in the highly contested supermini hatchback market. It recently underwent a mid-cycle refresh for 2018 upgrading the engine and adding drive-by-wire electronic throttle body control.

The Toyota Wigo price list ranges from P557,000 to P696,000 and it comes available in only one engine option, a 1-liter 3-cylinder engine controlled by either a manual or automatic transmission. The car also has dual airbags and anti-lock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution.

As earlier stated, these econoboxes really do not fit the part, as even the entry-level variants of these models did not skimp on safety and convenience features. You won’t find a model without power windows and airbags any more.

They also have Toyota’s upgraded engine technology with VVT-i and Dual VVT-i for the Vios. These are all modern engines with exceptional fuel efficiency, performance, and peace of mind that you won’t find in any second-hand car. Better yet, with the price tags mentioned above, these two are undoubtedly the cheapest Toyota cars that the brand offers in the Philippine market.

For those who are interested in owning either a Vios of Wigo but on a tight budget, checking out the second-hand car market is not a bad option though. According to some big automotive classified websites such as, a pre-owned Toyota Vios in good condition can be had from as low as P200,000. You can even go cheaper with a used Toyota Wigo which is listed for sale from only around P160,000.

Being a car buyer these days has never been easier. Never before have we seen so many brands available in the market at different price points and different configurations. Just make sure to do your car search on big and reliable platforms otherwise you might find yourself a victim of car scams.

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Article written by Roy Robles

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Toyota Proves that Cheap Can be Cheerful with their Cheapest Cars – Vios & Wigo!

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