Fastest Bike Ride: Woman Sets the World Speed Record at 147 mph

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Denise Mueller, an American cyclist, set a new woman’s bicycle land speed record of 147 mph. The Fastest Bike Ride! The record was made at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Mueller rode behind a modified Land Rover SRV which served her pace car and at the same time helping to shield her from wind resistance while she was riding the bike.

Source: Project Speed
“I’m the fastest woman on a bicycle ever!” (Source: Project Speed)

The bicycle has been modified as well. It had an elongated frame, vibration-dampening seatpost, a suspension fork, and custom 17-inch motorcycle wheels with bald tires so that Mueller’s center of gravity would be lower, thus adding stability and keep the ride smooth even if she reaches 150 mph.

Source: Velo News

She has to make sure to that she stay within the draft zone of the pace car. Mueller told Velo News that “Hitting a 140 mph wall of air will knock me off my bike.” The drive train of the bike uses two 60-tooth chain-rings in a double-reduction configuration to bring out a great amount of torque, at the same time keeping the chain-rings far enough off the ground for clearance.

Mueller is planning to break the current men’s land speed record that was made by Fred Rompleberg of the Netherlands in 1995. His record is at 167 mph.

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Fastest Bike Ride: Woman Sets the World Speed Record at 147 mph

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