Police in Dubai to Patrol in the Sky

Using these ridiculously cool hoverbikes!

In June this year, the Dubai Police was joined by robot cops. The world’s first operational robot policeman was inaugurated as an attendant rather than a defendant, greeting guests in the opening of the Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference. But it was designed to more legitimate police work, having interactions with the people around and even speaking a total of six languages.

With Dubai being one of the biggest centers of innovation, the Dubai Police is nowhere stopping from developing tech when it comes to security. Now, it wants to take law enforcement to the skies.

Through what looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a quadcopter drone, the police will be able to in Dubai flying at an altitude of 5 meters. The Hoversurf Scropion-3, as what the epic hoverbike is called, can carry a policeman for 25 minutes at a maximum speed of 44 mph.

Photos by Alexander Atamanov

Their idea is to access areas that is difficult to reach with regular vehicles, or in emergencies to fly above traffic congestions.

Designed by a Russian drone start-up, the electric-powered Scorpion-3 was revealed at Gitex 2017, an international tech showcase at Dubai World Trade Center. It was announced in the event that the new technology will be employed by the city’s police.

So far the hoverbike is still in its prototype phase, according to Saif Salem Al Kaabi from the Technical Innovation Section at Dubai Police. But the police force has already signed an agreement with the Hoversurf engineers to produce a whole fleet. So it’s not so far that the skies of Dubai will be filled with hovering policemen.

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Photos by Alexander Atamanov

Hoversurf CEO Alexander Atamanov revealed in a Facebook post that the hoverbikes can actually fly at an altitude of 28.5 meters, which is a world record. But he explained to Gulf News that the elevation was constrained due to safety reasons.

Here’s what Scorpion-3 is like, in a demonstration of its maiden flight:

Video by Hoversurf

Source: Science Alert


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  1. Primitive and dangerous tech! We should be able to levitate that vehicle with something more advanced than propellers…Thatdesign is going to get someone killed, and badly…Exposed spinning props on 4 corners is a disaster waiting to happen if the driver falls out of his seat or the craft bumps into a bystander..seriously, go back to the drawing boards and come up with something safe and Truly advanced such as antigravitics to lift the craft.Think Outside the box..Propellers are Not futuristic tech.

Police in Dubai to Patrol in the Sky

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