This Construction Worker Was Found Free-Reading Interior Design Books While on a Holiday


May 1 is marked as the Labor Day in the Philippines, which is a nationwide holiday. Most people choose to spend this free day on vacations to doze off from the strenuous work, while some opting to rest the day away.

But not this construction worker that a Facebook user found inside a bookstore.

In a Facebook post, Sarah Grace Regala shared a photo of a guy who appears to be a construction worker. She found the guy sitting in a comfortable position inside Booksale, a famous bookstore in the Philippines where bibliophiles can free-read. The construction worker was scanning and reading books about interior design. And take note: on Labor Day.

Source: Sarah Grace Regala

This is the caption of Sarah’s post:

“While I treat this day as an ordinary Lay-Bored Day, this man is different. This construction worker, reading an interior design book during lunch time, proves that no one can stop you if you really want to learn and perfect your craft. He may not have a college diploma, an impressive CV or a big amount in his bank account, but this man has a heart and hunger to learn. What’s our excuse then? #neverstoplearning #perfectyourcraft #laborday”

What Sarah pointed out in the later part of her post is the bitter reality. If you are reading this, you are most likely to enjoy the privileges of the modern world, one of which is the infinite resources in our disposal on the Internet.

And yet many of us do not value these, only to find a man who has to go to a bookstore and find the means to learn his craft.

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Source: Facebook

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This Construction Worker Was Found Free-Reading Interior Design Books While on a Holiday

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