Delmon Performs in Dubai Arena

Delmon Scaffolding LLC has played a major role in the construction of the latest landmark project for Dubai - the Dubai Arena.


The latest landmark project for Dubai is nearing completion in the Al Satwa area of the city and once again Delmon Scaffolding LLC has played a major role in its construction. Dubai Arena is a state of the art, multi-purpose stadium which is set to become the ‘go to’ venue for large-scale international music concerts and sporting events.

The arena is being constructed by ASGC as a ‘design and build’ contract and it is expected to open later this year. Because of the difficult nature, high level of finishes required and very tight construction schedule allowed, ASGC elected to construct the majority of the superstructure from pre-cast concrete and duly appointed their subsidiary and specialist precast contractor, Hard Precast to the job.

Delmon Dubai Arena

Precast concrete offers many advantages in construction in terms of speed and quality, but even though members are prefabricated, they still need temporary support during assembly until they can form a self-supporting structure. The temporary structures needed for precast are a specialist undertaking, as the systems involved must in some cases be capable of carrying the weight of entire structure. It was this area of temporary works in which Delmon was responsible.

Delmon are no strangers to this type of work and have successfully completed a number of structures with this contractor in City Walk, as well as other high profile projects across the UAE, Qatar and Oman, so it was not surprising they were selected for this project. The Delmon team have built a high level of expertise from their previous similar projects and as distributer for ULMA formworks have the specialist equipment necessary for such an enterprise.

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This was a unique and difficult project and it proved very challenging because of the complexity of the structure and the short duration of the construction program. In terms of engineering the Delmon team were made to work hard on quick turnarounds to ensure that designs were completed and equipment could be sent to site to enable work to progress on schedule. The fact that some elements were 20 meters clear height, had high loads, irregular shapes, inclined soffits and the falsework support could not be tied into the existing structure will give an idea of some of the issues faced by Delmon Engineering team.

Delmon Dubai Arena

“This really is a credit to all of the Delmon team” commented Frank Abbott Sales Director Delmon. “The level of expertise and commitment shown, especially by our Engineering Department, was exceptional. This was a complex project, but we were able to provide an overall solution to the contractor which was both cost effective, safe and practical for every case”.

Delmon solution in this project involved ULMA T60 heavy duty shoring towers along with various sizes of ULMA EP D+E Props. T60 is ideal for this application because of its high load capacity, flexibility and ease of assembly. T60 conforms to the highest international safety standards and can be erected in-situ or pre-assembled and lifted in for maximum safety and reduced labour and cost.

Delmon manufactures and supplies formwork and scaffolding solutions throughout the Middle East with offices in Dubai, Doha, Sharjah Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, Jeddah, Damam, Amman, and are distributers for ULMA Formwork.

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Delmon Performs in Dubai Arena

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