House Demolished by Mistake due to Wrong Google Maps Info

House Demolished by Mistake: The demolition company didn’t even own up to it.

This is what a demolition company gets when they rely heavily on Google Maps with apparent glitches for directions: they destroy the wrong home.

Such happened to the duplex of Lindsay Diaz in Rowlett, which was mistakenly destroyed by a team from Billy L. Nabors Demolition. The team is supposed to demolish a home but they went to the wrong street and, of course, demolished the wrong home out of a Google Maps reference.

Google Maps to Blame? (Source: Public Broadcasting)

Google admitted that Maps showed incorrect information for the house in question and fixed the issue right away. However, the president of said demolition company talked with Diaz only to settle in insurance and how it’s going to be a ‘nasty fight,’ and did not even render an apology.

Source: Metro UK

It is quite disheartening that someone from the demolition company pinned the fault to Google Maps. They did not do any verification before the duplex destruction commenced. Especially when Diaz has just recently recovered from the December-26 tornado that hit her home, this incident only means that she has to start over again.

Here’s the latest update from December 7, 2016

Source: KERA

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House Demolished by Mistake due to Wrong Google Maps Info

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