Manlift Training – First Choice for Safety When Working at Height

Attaching paramount importance to working safely and efficiently at height, Manlift is a strong advocate of comprehensive training for anyone who uses an aerial work platform.

Manlift, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, is a leading supplier of access platforms and power solutions, and operates one of the largest access platform fleets in vast region stretching from the Middle East to Southeast Asia. The Manlift fleet consists of diesel and electric boom lifts, articulated platforms, scissor lifts and spider lifts from a range of respected brands such as JLG, Genie and Teupen. But Manlift offers more than equipment rental – it also provides high quality training for operators of access platforms and power solutions, with training centers in the UAE, Qatar, and India that have all been accredited by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF).

Safety is a guiding principle and a core value at Manlift. Attaching paramount importance to working safely and efficiently at height, Manlift is a strong advocate of comprehensive training for anyone who uses an aerial work platform. Indeed, Manlift trains more than 1,000 operators each year in many different languages, including English, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam and Sinhalese, all across the Middle East and Southeast Asia, with a firm commitment to accommodating the specific language preferences of our customers and providing quality training.

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Operating machines safely, reducing accidents, and preventing damage to equipment

Training courses are offered at all of Manlift’s dedicated purpose-built teaching facilities in Dubai and Doha in the Middle East or Delhi and Gujarat in India. But Manlift also offers tailored training courses on-site if a customer has appropriate facilities. Companies can feel secure in the knowledge that operators have access to qualified IPAF instructors who adhere strictly to EU standards and comply with health and safety regulations applicable in the region and Europe.

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The training courses provided by Manlift include the following modules:

  • Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Training for Operators
  • AWP Training for Managers
  • AWP Training for Demonstrators
  • Safety Harness and Lanyard training
  • Loading – Transporting – Unloading training for those involved
    in the delivery and collection of AWPs
  • Training for Mobile Aluminum Access Tower users

In addition, Manlift offers expert professional advice on access equipment via phone, email, or the Web. Whatever questions you may have on the safe operation of access equipment, you can rely on Manlift to provide you with friendly and knowledgeable answers in keeping with our commitment to safety.

Manlift has also been recognised for its safety training. It was awarded the IPAF Training Centre of the Year at the IAPA Award Ceremony in April 2017.

As a provider of IPAF training courses, Manlift works closely with customers as it endeavors to continually improve safety standards on access equipment across the Emirates, Qatar, the GCC and India. Each year, all of our training instructors attend the IPAF Professional Development Seminar (PDS) to keep them up to date on the latest innovative safety solutions for access platforms and to reiterate to them the importance of safety while using access platforms. Likewise Manlift continuously commits to delivering the highest levels of service, productivity and safety to its customers.

The IPAF training program for platform operators is certified by the global inspection and product certification firm TÜV as conforming to ISO 18878. Upon successful completion of the course, trainees are awarded the PAL (Powered Access Licence) Card, which is recognized by IPAF and is valid for 5 years, along with a safety guide, a log book, and a certificate.

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About Manlift:

Manlift is a Dubai-headquartered rental company, which since 2006 has steadily grown into the region’s leading supplier of aerial work platforms. It operates from five depots across the Middle East and Asia with equipment produced by major manufacturers in the US and Europe including JLG, Genie, Skyjack and Teupen. The Manlift fleet of more than 2,800 ISO-certified aerial work platforms is the youngest in the region, and ranges from self-propelled boom lifts with working heights up to 58 meters and battery and bi-energy powered access platforms to spiders and low level access platforms. Manlift serves firms across a range of industries, providing aerial work platforms and other access equipment to customers in the construction, facilities management, logistics, oil and gas, public transport and events sectors.

In keeping with our mission to deliver the best customer experience, Manlift believes that our own long-term prosperity is best secured when we deliver the highest levels of service to our customers and we ensure that they are able to meet their needs.

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Manlift Training – First Choice for Safety When Working at Height

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