What You Need to Know About MEWPs

If there is only one safest way to work at height, it has to be MEWP.


What is MEWP?

If there is only one safest way to work at height, it has to be MEWP.

MEWPs or mobile elevating work platforms are commonly called as aerial work platforms. They come in various types and models including boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical lifts, spider lifts and special MEWP models. But regardless of which one of them will be used, they are guaranteed to provide a safe and efficient solution for working at height.

Built for construction and general operations, aerial work platforms have electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components as well as multiple in-built safety systems. Such features are designed to ensure that they uphold the single-most important factor in working at height in any application: safety.

Why MEWPs?

Multiple industry sectors, trades persons and workers trust MEWPs and pick them as their first choice because of the platforms’ predominant characteristics of providing safety and efficiency when working at height. In fact, MEWPs are the safest method for working at height, a claim backed by data and statistics gathered worldwide.

Other than safety, their maneuverability and efficiency are among the best selling points of MEWPs. Anyone who works at height would agree that a safe, easily moved and efficient platform is the most recommended for use.

Moreover, MEWPs can be rented and purchased and can be provided with alternative power sources, reach and height variations, options to support workers perform specific tasks, alternative platform capacities and platform sizes. Flexibility in their systems is an added value.

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Manlift’s MEWP Training

Dubbed as the largest specialist in the area of working safely and efficiently at heights, Manlift already mastered the ins and outs of MEWPs. As an open-secret commitment, the company invests in its people, quality and innovation to be able to deliver one hundred percent of the time.

Part of this effort is the support to the customers by holding trainings for MEWP operators. Manlift has formulated the world’s most recognized training modules which are focused on safety and efficiency for users of MEWPs.

is certified by IPAF or International Powered Access Federation as well as the ISO, both of which set the highest standards in the industry. People who are under training are taken care of by qualified IPAF instructors in a state-of-the-art training facility.

There are dedicated course programs that tailor learning for operators to specific MEWP groupings. After these programs, the graduates are already qualified to man MEWPs in the industry as they are a product of a widely-recognized and high-standard MEWP training.

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What You Need to Know About MEWPs

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