A Foldable iPhone in the Future? Report Says Apple is Looking at It

Do you want to own a foldable iPhone?

Tech companies are racing towards making foldable smartphones a worldwide trend. But before that, they have to make the technology possible.

With Apple being the frontrunner in the smartphone manufacturing industry, there is no way that the Tim Cook-led company is backing down. And now, there are rumors that Apple is venturing in foldable displays.

According to a report by The Bell, Apple has created a “task force” to create a foldable screen, but only assuming that it is for a future iPhone.

The rumor is that the bendable screen is an OLED screen, a similar display technology that Apple will debut in its latest release, the iPhone X.

Samsung, another big-time smartphone manufacturer and rival of Apple, has said that it will make foldable displays available in 2018. The company announced it just hours before the highly anticipated iPhone 8 launch event, saying that a new Note phone will be foldable.

Samsung’s foldable display concept.

LG is on the same boat with Apple and Samsung. But it is no secret that the company has been working on a foldable OLED display prototype for years now. It is only a matter of improving the yield rates before the device comes out in the smartphone market.

Oppo, a smartphone manufacturer from China, is also ahead in the foldable display research compared with the others.

But what’s the catch with Apple being interested in foldable iPhones? Here are 3 key points:

  • While making a smartphone to be compact is relatively easy for a company like Apple, Chief Designer Officer Jony Ive will have to make sure that there is no crease in the middle of the foldable iPhones.
  • It will still take a long time before Apple fully develops a prototype, way behind Samsung, LG, and Oppo, considering that the new notch design of iPhone X might be the new Apple standard for a while.
  • The company is known not to follow trends, so there is a high chance that Apple will not be the one to lead in foldable displays.
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Source: Mashable

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A Foldable iPhone in the Future? Report Says Apple is Looking at It

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