Foldable Tablets and Smartphones are Finally Upon Us

This is after Lenovo has developed a working prototype.

It’s no longer new that Lenovo is trying to change the game in consumer electronics by revealing plans on foldable displays. The tech company has been playing with the idea since 2016, and now it has finally shown what is considered to be the world’s first foldable tablet.

Called the Folio, the device is a 7.8-inch tablet with a hinge in the middle which allows the folding. Once folded, it turns into a 5.5-inch, dual-screen smartphone-like device. That is small enough to fit inside your pocket.

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The concept has been unveiled at the Tech World event in San Francisco last year, but it was only this year that tech geeks got to see it in the flesh. Lenovo teased in 2016 about a new type of smartphone that bends like a bracelet which can be worn on the arm. And it finally has a working prototype that was showcased at the Lenovo Tech World event in July.

All of this is a new experience for us because it is the first of its kind. But there is little to no chance that we will be getting our hands on it anytime soon because as of writing, the Folio is still a concept device.

But what we know so far is that the foldable tablet has a 1,920 x 1,440 resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat with an eSIM support.

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The display folds neatly too, with the pixels filling all the space at the hinge. When bent, the user interface adjusts automatically, leaving the user with two displays back to back.

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Lenovo is pretty hyped with foldable displays – it released its concept of a laptop with a flexible screen in June this year – but it is not the only company going after this technology.

Samsung is also rumored to have a foldable phone or tablet underway, but reports say that the release was pushed back to 2019. It was supposed to launch by the end of this year, rumors claim. Oppo has a foldable display also in the works with an indefinite unveiling.

Source: Mashable

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Foldable Tablets and Smartphones are Finally Upon Us

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