These Are Cool Wireless Charging Shelves

This can be the perfect solution to our annoying charging problems.

Source: WallJax

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Charging our smartphones has always been messy. With a little movement here and there, it’s possible that we’d step on the wires and bam! Our phones crash into the floor. Don’t we hate that?

Luckily for us, wireless charging is now available – making our lives easier and safer for our phones. Now, this company wants to take one step further into spoiling us with more convenient ways to charge our phones.


WallJax offers us the world’s first cord-free charger. It’s so easy to use and visually appealing. What makes this charger cooler is that it looks good wherever you put it in the house. An indiegogo campaign was created to fund this project. It aimed to raise $125,000 USD.

If this project goes commercial, will it be the end of the annoying charging cords? Will we stop worrying about finding our chargers whenever we misplace them? Will it fix all of our charging problems?

This charging shelf comes in two versions: WallJax EZ and WallJax Float. It’s in two different colors, too: pure white and walnut finish.

Source: WallJax

WallJax EZ ($59 USD) is plugged into a 120V outlet and it doesn’t even need screws to install it. It’s so EZ! It also has a USB connector for non-wireless charging capable devices. It’s just a plug-and-play gadget. The WallJax Float ($79 USD) is mounted to the wall, unlike the EZ version.  In order to install this device, it needs a little screwing here and there.

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As soon as you install the WallJax charger, you can charge your phones by placing them down on WallJax. It works well with any phone model, so you don’t have to worry about a charger that’s picky anymore. You don’t even have to spend on broken charging cords ever again.

Source: WallJax
Source: WallJax

Don’t get your hopes up though. Since this project needs crowdfunding, the WallJax charger may not even be able to undergo production process. Let’s just hope this awesome project to happen anytime soon!

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These Are Cool Wireless Charging Shelves

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