These Smart Cubes Tells You To Live a Healthy Life

Who knew little cubes can be so smart?

Meet the Koto smart sensors. They are the new generation of Smart Cubes or CubeSensors – the portable sensor-packed cubes that tell you the best possible way to live a healthy life inside your home.

The new Koto smart sensors do the same things like their predecessor does. They still measure the light, temperature, humidity and noise inside your home. However, these ones come in three types now: Koto Blink, Koto Air and Koto Storm. You can purchase them individually or you can buy all three.

The Koto Blink comes in different colors – pink, green or blue. This cube can measure the basic information you need such as the humidity, temperature, light and noise inside your room. For wireless connectivity, it can be connected to your devices via Bluetooth. The Koto Blink is the most basic sensor among the three.

Source: Koto smart cubes

If you want a sensor more suitable for your bedroom, check out the Koto Air. This one has features just like the Koto Blink but it also measures the dust and pollution levels inside your room. It can measure the volatile organic compounds, dusts and cigarette smokes to let you know if your room’s a healthy place to stay in or you need to have it cleaned. Don’t limit it to the bedroom though. It can still be used in any other rooms inside your house. You can even shake it to glow.

Lastly, if you want to know if it’s okay to go outside later, the Koto Storm is for you. It has a different design compared to the other two but it still looks awesome. It even has a LED matrix display to let you know the time and environmental readings. It measures the temperature, light, noise, humidity, barometric pressure and most importantly, it detects if there’s a storm coming up. This smart cube wants you to be safe outside.

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It’s amazing how these little smart cubes can improve your lifestyle. They’re clearly smart cubes that care for you. These awesome cubes even look good wherever you put it in the house.


Source: Koto smart cubes


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These Smart Cubes Tells You To Live a Healthy Life

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