Here Are The Countries With The World’s Fastest Mobile Internet For 2017

Guess which country is on the top of the list.

These days, mobile data is an important part of most people’s lives–well most people who use smartphones, that is. We all know that different countries have different average internet speeds, and Open Signal, a data analytics firm has created a chart of the countries with the fastest mobile internet speed. Do you have any guesses which countries are in the top 3?

The top 3 countries with blazing fast mobile data speeds are, South Korea, Norway, and Hungary. These countries have over 30 megabits per second on average.

From the last study, the same countries were able to retain the top 10 spots at the top of the overall speed rankings–although their order changed since the last report. The northern and eastern European countries like the Netherlands, Sweden and Hungary join “Asian powerhouses” South Korea, Japan and Australia. Their overall average speeds are over 21 mbps.

Here’s the list of countries and their respective mobile data speeds.

Source: The Atlas

Open Signal measured data speeds that a normal user in 87 countries would experience. This means that both 4G and 3G speeds were measured as a group instead of being measured separately. The average mobile speed for an LTE, of 4G connection was 17.4 mbps, from an older Open Signal study. This means that the average mobile data connection in the top three countries with the fastest mobile data is around twice as fast as the global average.

The report by Open Signal shows another trend at work, which is even as mobile data speeds increase, the users are spending large amounts of time with mobile devices that are connected to WiFi networks. For example, mobile users in South Korea spend 50% of their time connected to WiFi networks, while in Norway it’s 55%, and in Hungary it’s 53%, meaning that mobile data links are not being used to replace WiFi networks, but supplement them rather.

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Here Are The Countries With The World’s Fastest Mobile Internet For 2017

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