Dubai Airport Will Replace Security Booths With Face-Scanning Virtual Aquariums

Just when you thought Dubai couldn’t get any more awesome.

Who needs a security clearance gate when you can have a virtual aquarium with hidden cameras that’ll scan your face or iris as you pass by airport security? Well, that’s what airports in Dubai are proposing they will do.

This is just one of their few new security measures that Dubai’s aviation officials plan to do.

The so called “aquarium” is actually a tunnel-like structure that displays high-resolution videos of an aquarium, and it has about 80 cameras set up in each and every corner.

“The fish is a sort of entertainment and something new for the traveler but, at the end of the day, it attracts the vision of the travelers to different corners in the tunnel for the cameras to capture his/her face print,” explains Major Gen Obaid Al Hameeri, deputy director general of Dubai residency and foreign affairs. “The virtual images are of very high quality and gives a simulation of a real-life aquarium.”

Aside from aquariums, these things can also be changed to view other natural settings, like the desert.

Source: The National

If the traveler has their face scan registered, they will be greeted by a message in green that says “have a nice trip.” If they are wanted for whatever reason, a red sign will appear and will alert the operations room to interfere.

But how will the camera detect your face and find information about you, you ask? Well, the traveler will be able to register their face scans at kiosks around the airport, as well as certain malls and hotels. Now how they’ll add that to a database that’ll contain all your immigration information and records is unknown, but it’s Dubai, so they surely already have a plan for it.

With the number of travelers going to Dubai increasing, this device will not only help airports handle security checks more efficiently, but also cut the time it takes to do so and prevent delays due to long queues.

These virtual aquariums will have its first installation as early as the summer of 2018 at Terminal 3 at Dubai International airport, home to Emirates. From there they will continue to roll out these virtual aquariums in phases at different airport terminals until 2020.


The National

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Dubai Airport Will Replace Security Booths With Face-Scanning Virtual Aquariums

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