Employment Outlook for Top Engineering Jobs

Here’s an employment outlook infographic provided by RevPart for top engineering jobs. Is yours on the list?

While different engineering websites would say that engineers experience a more favorable job market than other jobs, RevPart has prepared an infographic on the employment outlook over the next ten years for top engineering jobs.

While the infographic does not have the job outlook for all the fields of engineering, it’ll give us a good summary of what to do, what to take (degree and requirements), the impact and the job outlook are for aerospace, biomedical, industrial, material and mechanical engineers.

In the infographic, it shows that aerospace engineers have the highest median salary compared to the other four included in the visuals. It’s understandable given that one has to work with cutting-edge technology for space travel and air travel.

For a detailed look on these engineering employment outlook, see the infographic below:


Source: RevPart

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Employment Outlook for Top Engineering Jobs

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