Engineering Companies Can Run Better With Google Management Tools

Learn how to handle your startup or company with the help of management tools from one of the biggest companies in the world today.

If you’re all wondering how Google workplaces inspires, motivates, and promotes fun for its employees, you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered some basic management tools that you can adapt to your own company or startup that will help you manage your tasks and resources better. These tools are internal practices that the tech giant uses in order to promote a great work environment to its employees.

Source: Customer Experience Magazine

Employee-to-Employee Learning Program

A learning environment can only be effective with a proper learning culture, and what better way to spread knowledge than by spreading it amongst yourselves. Google uses an Employee-to-Employee learning program that starts out with a Facilitation bootcamp. The bootcamp lasts for 2 hours and teaches employees how to facilitate learning through an interactive learning session.

One Thing

Google has this goal setting program that helps develop an employee’s well being. This is usually a non-work related goal that is set with a manager that is held hand-in-hand with a work related goal. For example, an employee’s goal would be to “leave work at 6pm to have time for his family before bedtime”. That non-work related goal can be tied to a work related goal like finishing one’s work on time, or delivering output more efficiently. These goals can be shared with co-workers as well so they can all monitor their goals together.

Manager Feedback Survey

Of course, what better way to make a great work environment than to have a great manager. This is why feedback on managers is very important. A simple heads up if a manager is doing well or if their doing rather poorly can result in the improvement of their skills. If a manager micromanages or treats their subordinates poorly, proper action should be taken in order to create a more lively environment for the employees.

These three simple tools might not sound much but each of them can work together in order to make your company grow. Taking these tools and utilizing them properly can be the next big step towards creating a great workplace for you and your employees to thrive in.


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Engineering Companies Can Run Better With Google Management Tools

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