Enjoy The City View In This Stylish Crane Apartment

This crane apartment is a very clever way of solving housing shortage in highly populated cities.

When you think of cranes, the most common thing that will pop into your head is construction. Construction can mean buildings, and buildings can mean apartments. But who in their right mind would think that apartments could lead back to cranes? Well, that’s exactly what The Yays Crane Apartment is. Designed by Edward van Vilet, this unorthodox apartment could very well be the most romantic city view you’ll ever get.

Source: Yays

The unit is located in Amsterdam, more specifically on their man made KNSM Island. It’s strategically situated near the island’s port, where prospective tenants could gaze through the city’s beauty through their windows. The crane, in its glory days, was used for cargo unloading for ships by the port. It was only decommissioned due to the preferred use of shipping containers for freight transport, deeming the crane not strong enough to carry these new and heavier loads. Now, the Figee crane 2368 is the perfect place for an ideal romantic getaway.

The idea of this unusual accomodation rooted from Yays’ initiative to create housing experiences that allow their patrons to immerse and feel as if they’re really living in that city.

Source: Yays

Along with this crane apartment project, Yays has also restored historical buildings, turning them into concierge boutique apartments manned by local personnel. Their aim is to promote and reroute urban tourism. They veer away from the usual tourist hotspots and focus on areas you wouldn’t normally go to on a city tour. This allows their customers to feel like they truly are ‘residents’ of the area. The location of the crane is a sweet and bustling urban neighborhood that still has some glimmer of its former industrial foundings.

Source: Yays

Yays Concierged Boutique Apartments CEO Peter Heule mentioned the honor of managing the Figee crane 2368 and giving it a ‘new life.’ He also added, “The crane is back in its home port after a thorough restoration and redecoration by the well-known designer Edward van Vliet.” Although it’s not serving its original purpose anymore, the redesigned crane accomodation still truly helps in the development of Amsterdam. He envisions this as a step in reintroducing historical infrastructure back into the land of modernization.

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Enjoy The City View In This Stylish Crane Apartment

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