An Engineering Student Builds the World’s Largest Game Boy

It is fully functional!

Nintendo’s Game Boy is considered a thing of the past. It was a favorite video game device in the 1990s, which was overshadowed by new portable handhelds later on.

But to make people happy and bring smiles to other people’s faces, some guy has reincarnated the Game Boy DMG-001 model. And it’s huge enough to make the Guinness Book of World Records.

Photos by Guinness Book of World Records

Now hailed as the world’s largest, fully functional version of Game Boy, the giant console was made by a 21-year-old Belgian engineering student. The device measures 101 cm in height, 62 cm wide, and 20 cm deep – big enough to double as a coffee table. It was designed on his computer in one week and built in a laboratory building for a month.

Video by Guinness Book of World Records

And yup, this Game Boy works. Ilhan Unal, the genius behind this toy, wired it to a normal Game Boy. This huge device also has System Link capabilities so there can be more players enjoying the device at once.

But if you want to take this Game Boy with you on a vacation, you will have to buy another seat. But only for the console, as it still uses normal GB cartridges – no need to put them in huge suitcases as well.

Playing this Game Boy can be a bit stressful – just imagine the buttons which are the size of the hand.

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As mentioned, the inspiration of Unal is only to make people happy.

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“People who are able to bring smiles to other people’s faces are generally happier than other people,” he said. “The Game Boy made other people happy. It brought back their childhood. When I was a kid, that was what I wanted to do.”

So far Unal has only made one of this kind of Game Boy and plans to keep it for himself. That leaves us with the iconic regular-size Game Boy, which according to reports, will be revived by Nintendo.

Source: Mirror UK | Guinness

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An Engineering Student Builds the World’s Largest Game Boy

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