What Engineers Will Say Moments Before They Die

Au revoir, engineer.

It is undeniable that engineers ooze with so much confidence, but sometimes it’s already misplaced. What they think they know entirely, but actually know very little. When they think they can handle every hands-on work, but actually doesn’t know how to use equipment.

What engineers think in theory as assumptions will hurt so much in real life when some things are taken for granted. Not everything that works on paper can be implemented in real life – there will always be something is missed or not thought of that will make the concept fail miserably.

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When you mix both confidence and false assumptions, it may result to an unlikely death of an engineer at work. Here may be the famous last words of different kinds of engineers:

Aeronautical Engineer – This rocket is 100% safe.

Chemical Engineer – First we test with this totally inert test substance…

Structural Engineer – Of course the steel meets all applicable ANSI standards.

Mechanical Engineer- Ah, this gear isn’t so sharp.

Geotechnical Engineer – Let me step on this slope to prove to you that this is stable soil.

Agricultural Engineer – Don’t mind that snake. It’s harmless.

Nuclear Engineer – It doesn’t look too radioactive to me.

Electrical Engineer – And this one is, of course, the ground wire…

Petroleum Engineer – This isn’t flammable, right?

Engineering Teacher – Of course the students won’t mind having a final exam.

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What Engineers Will Say Moments Before They Die

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