These Famous Celebrities Studied Engineering in College

They made it to the top of the acting and modeling industry but who knew that they studied engineering?

Do you know one of the perks of getting an engineering degree? You can become a celebrity. You can produce your own TV show, star in famous films, have your own followers and be seen in huge billboards while still knowing how to calculate the values of different variables. This is something Kim Kardashian can’t do.

While most of us pursue jobs, which we can practice what we learned in Engineering (while crying our hearts out, wondering if we’ll pass our majors), there are a few people out there who entered the world of glitz and glamour. These people, known around the world as A-list celebrities and prominent public figures, were just like you (solving for the value of x) before they were hunted down by the paparazzi:

Cindy Crawford

Before her mole became a famous beauty mark, she studied Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University, Illinois.

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Ashton Kutcher

Who would have thought that the guy who made Demi Moore the famous cougar in the early 2000s (and made the May-December love affairs) popular graduated with Biochemical Engineering in University of Iowa.

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Dolph Lundgren

We hated him in those Rocky films and thought it was cool of him to join The Expendables team. Dolph Lundgren graduated with a degree of Chemical Engineering from Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

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Donald Sutherland

His film career is admired most by the younger actors because he has been around the block for 50 years but who would have thought that Donald Sutherland actually studied heat and mass balances before he made Katniss Everdeen suffer in the Hunger Games trilogy. He graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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Rowan Atkinson

By acting as a silly simpleton, Rowan Atkinson made Mr. Bean a household name. Little did everyone know that he is one smart guy who can tweak your gadgets. Mr. Bean graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Newcastle University.

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Bill Nye

Everyone takes Bill Nye the Science Guy seriously because he actually knows what he is talking about. He earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.

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Teri Hatcher

Before her scandalous show, Desperate Housewives, made her one of the highest paid tv actresses, Teri Hatcher graduated with a degree of Mathematics and Engineering. Before Wisteria Lane put Teri Hatcher on the map, she could answer a lot of complicated math questions.

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Chris Vance

He’s the guy known as Frank Martin in the Transporter tv series. Also, he was recently cast in the new Supergirl series. This English TV actor knows how to make a structure sturdy because he graduated with a degree of Civil Engineering from Newcastle University.

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Other prominent figures who studied engineering worth noting:

  • Carlos Slim, world’s richest person from 2010 to 2013 (Civil engineering)
  • Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon (Aeronautical engineering)
  • Mike Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg L.P. (Electrical engineering)
  • Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert (Software/Telecommunications engineering)

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These Famous Celebrities Studied Engineering in College

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