Having a Hard Time Waking Up? This High Voltage Ejector Bed is the Solution

Say goodbye to your snooze button forever.

Gravity is strongest in the morning, and engineer Colin Furze knows this very well. Because he wanted to provide a solution for this universal problem – and after being asked by coffee company Taylor of Harrogate’s campaign for its new coffee blend, “High Voltage”– he invented the High Voltage Ejector Bed that forces you to wake up.

By force, it means that the bed will literally throw you out. As if that is not enough, when you fail to get up after five minutes of your assigned alarm time, you will be bombarded by the noisy sound of ringing bells and car horns and some fancy lights.

The mechanism is simple. Furze put together the frame and equipped the bed with a hinge to do the flip. A massive air compressor was placed to power the entire bed supported by pneumatic pistons. Furze did the entire thing in his garage.

Source: Colin Furze
Source: Colin Furze

Upon watching the awesome invention in his YouTube channel, many became interested with the High Voltage Ejector Bed. Because come on, it is indeed genius.

But Furze noted on his YouTube channel that it is the home of “crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety” which only means that his projects are not recommended to be tried at home.

Source: Colin Furze
Source: Colin Furze

This is not the only crazy invention of Furze that was born out of his garage. He already invented a knife that toasts bread as it cuts and created a set of retractable working Wolverine claws.

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Furze was a plumber way before he became a YouTube superstar and a Gadget Geeks show host on Sky1.

Source: Huffington Post

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Having a Hard Time Waking Up? This High Voltage Ejector Bed is the Solution

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