What if Justin Bieber was a Physicist?

If I could be Batman in another universe, that means Justin Bieber could by a physicist somewhere too.

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We’re all familiar with the multiverse theory, which has become a ubiquitous plot device in just about every comic book, TV, and movie franchise. Marvel’s Injustice: Gods Among Us series puts this to great use, and recently, CW’s The Flash visited Earth-2 and met their doppelgangers. This theory basically suggests that there is an infinite number of parallel universes filled with infinite possibilities – and in one of those universes, infamous pop star Justin Bieber may just be a physicist.

How would that look like?

1. Justin Bieber’s net worth is currently at $200 million, which is increasing at around $60 to $80 million per year.

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But would physicist Justin Bieber be rolling in the same amount of dough? Probably not, especially with that Doctor Who collection. Life-sized TARDIS replicas don’t come cheap, you know.

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2. In late 2014, the Biebs uploaded a photo of himself in the bathtub – complete with jewelry and a goatee made of bubbles.

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Physicist Justin Bieber might also tweet photos of himself while soaking, but with less bling and more trying to recreate Archimedes’ “Eureka!” moment.

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3. In 2015, Justin Bieber tweeted a photo of his bare ass and got a massive number of likes.

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Physicist Justin Bieber might be too busy being the admin of a role-playing Facebook page for Isaac Newton to worry about butt photos. And most of his likes come from his mom (and that Albert Einstein account he also admins).

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4.  Here’s a trivia for you: Justin Bieber has over 50 tattoos. One of them is of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Source: Tatoo for a Week

Physicist Justin Bieber would have very different tattoos.

Source: Whicdn

Well, he would try to get a tattoo, but it probably won’t end well.

Source: Edge Cast CDN

Source: YouTube


5. Justin Bieber is notorious for getting drunk and doing nasty stuff, like drag racing under the influence, or peeing into a mop bucket while trying to exit a restaurant via its kitchen.

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Physicist Justin Bieber, on the other hand, would get drunk on spiked punch at a convention and end up doing impromptu standup on stage.

Source: Tumblr

And remember nothing the next day.

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This is, of course, just for fun. Justin Bieber is not a physicist (in this universe, anyway) and this is not an accurate representation of all physicists. You are all unique snowflakes and, in the words of the great Biebs himself:

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Source: Giphy

Kristine Baggy
Contributor, Asia and the Pacific. Kristine is a graduate of BS in Applied Physics, Major in Instrumentation Physics at the University of the Philippines.

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What if Justin Bieber was a Physicist?

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