The World’s Biggest Shopping Cart Standing Over 13 Feet

The Humungous Motorized Shopping Trolley are Ideal Carts for Engineers

This has to be a shopaholic’s godsend. The worlds biggest shopping cart, standing over thirteen feet high and eight feet across, was originally conceived by Robert Unnerstal, Sr. and built by the National Cart Company for the opening of a market in St Louis Missouri. The cart can carry more than 360 grocery bags and up to four adults in the baby seat at the back. Designed with busy lifestyles in mind, it is powered by a 460HP Chevy Big Block that propel its wiry frame up to 60 MPH! The concept was successful that National Cart built seven more that tour America!

World’s biggest shopping cart (source: Jynx Productions Via Youtube)

World’s biggest shopping cart (source: hauntmastr24’s channel Via Youtube)

But eccentricities being what they are, the dimensions and practicality of the cart was not enough for Frederick Reifsteck, who thought the scale all wrong for the true devotee of the supermarket isle. Frederick set to work on a few improvements and built a gargantuan twenty seven foot long, fourteen feet wide shopping cart that could easily swallow up National Carts pride and joy. It’s so big that its huge big block engine can only motivate it to fairly moderate speeds. Frederick’s achievement won him a Guinness World record and possibly the adoration of every super market chain on the face of the Earth. What a fascination of carts into “trucks”!

World’s biggest shopping cart (source: 2000cobraRmustang Via Youtube)

World’s biggest shopping cart (source: regenaxe)

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The World’s Biggest Shopping Cart Standing Over 13 Feet

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