What to Expect from Facebook in 2017

Here are the top Facebook trends that we can expect for 2017.

If there’s one thing most of us has done over the World Wide Web this 2016, it’s logging into Facebook. Many may not agree with me, but being on Facebook has become a part of every millennial’s normal conversation.

“Add me up on Facebook.”

“Drop me a message on Facebook.”

“I tagged you on our vacation photos on Facebook.”

“Could you send me a screenie of our homework?”

So it’s good to know some updates about the social media most people are using today. Here are the top Facebook trends that we can expect for 2017.

1. Facebook Will be Developing their Video Platform

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Facebook is slowly working its way into improving its video platform, and soon, everything may all be video. They are currently investing into their video platform and they are not slowing down.

2. Facebook Is Cashing in on Mobile

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Currenly, Facebook I dominating mobile. The total mobile ad revenue is up 81% year after year and Facebook has generated $11.4 billion ad revenue this 2016 and 84% of this has come from mobile.

3. Facebook Will Develop Paid Search Advertising

Source: Position2

Facebook is now creating new opportunities to enter the realm of “paid search”. Currently, Facebook generates around 2 billion searches per day in the form of business, people and group searches. According to Advertisemint, Mark Zuckerberg stated that this brings in a new consumer case,  “focusing on a three part approach: creating new products that allow users to organically interact with businesses, giving businesses the tools to reach more users, and receiving advertising funds from companies.”

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4. Facebook “Ad Load” Will Develop Slowly

The amount of ads that are shown to Facebook users is called “Ad Load” and will be growing in the next year. The ad load will be less significant in driving revenue after the middle of 2017. The number of ads that will be shown to Facebook will grow over the next 12 months.

5. Facebook Sharing Is Evolving

Slowly, users are changing the way their content is shared. Many users are moving from desktop to mobile, and their needs evolve as well from sharing photo albums and posting large amounts of text to watching and posting videos.

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What to Expect from Facebook in 2017

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