Every Household in the Philippines Should have the TOSOT Multi-Function Cooker

Do away with the many bulky cookware lying in your cupboard because here is a revolutionary rice cooker that will change every Filipino’s kitchen experience

TOSOT Multi-Function Cooker

Filipinos are, undoubtedly, born lover of foods. From birthday parties and christenings to town fiestas and provincial festivals, food is what basically binds the Filipino society together. And thanks to foreign influences, Filipino moms and chefs have adapted the love for diverse cuisines while still preserving the taste of classic native meals. Because of this varied range of dishes Filipinos love to cook, it’s not surprising how cluttered their cupboard is. A handful of casseroles and pans are quite tolerable, but having the complete set is a disaster, especially for restaurants and caterers. Fear not because TOSOT Multi-Function Cooker is here to save the day.

What You Can Cook With a Multi-Function Cooker

But the real question is not the amount of space you save by using a multi-function cooker, it’s what you can cook with it that matters most. Multi-function cookers are basically steamers, fryers, and rice cookers all in a single pot. So pretty much anything you can cook with those kitchenwares is quite doable for a multi-function cooker.

With just a push of a button, you can prepare perfectly stewed vegetables, brown rice, and even fried meat and fishes! Some of the favorite meals a multi-function cooker can make include vegetable soups and other different entrées, kids’ favorite kinds of pasta, any kind of stewed food, oatmeal, mulled beverages, and pudding. The possibilities are limitless!


The best part is that it makes cooking less of a hassle and more of an enjoyment especially for working moms and dads who don’t have much available time to cook for dinner. A multi-function cooker is particularly beneficial for working parents with little kids who should be fed with homemade, nutritious food. With this revolutionary equipment that can cook great stuff within minutes, parents can still prepare healthy dishes without actually treating it as a troublesome chore. They can save much time outside the kitchen and more time playing with their kids.

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Features to Look Out for in a Multi-Function Cooker

There is quite a handful of styles and features available in the market for a multi-function cooker. What kind do you really need? Here are a few main features your multi-function cooker should definitely have.

  • Easy to clean

One of the major reasons why you buy a multi-function cooker is to stay out of the kitchen, and that includes both cooking and cleaning up afterward. Believe or not, washing the kitchenware is far more tedious than cooking the meal itself. Having a cooker with ceramic coating for the inner pot and fully removable lid is exactly what you need. Any messy grease can be easily cleaned with just a little soap and water.

  • Overheat protection

This type of cookware requires lesser attention than normal kitchen appliances. It can either automatically or manually cook any food and can be left unattended. With its overheat protection, users need not worry about cooking meals at high temperatures as the unit can easily switch off when it reaches overload capacity.

  • Portability

Multi-function cookers are much lighter and smaller than crock pots and most cookware. Because of this, users can have the flexibility to cook nearly anywhere they please, whether they’re partying on a boat, cooking in school, sleeping over at their friend’s bedrooms, or simply camping outside (where there’s a power outlet, of course). Compact cookers also save a lot of space in the kitchen, making it so much tidier and pleasant to the eyes. Besides the weight and size, it is also quite handy to have a nice little handle in the unit for convenient moving.

  • User-friendly
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In this age of modern technology, appliances like a multi-function cooker should have controls that can be quickly understood even without browsing through the user manual. With simple, easy-to-follow electronic and digital controls, novice and first-time cookers become less nervous when preparing the meal.

TOSOT Multi-Function rice cooker has it all for you. Manufactured specifically to give your kitchen a touch of elegance with modern technology, this TOSOT multi-function cooker will redefine your cooking experience. Being both stylish and fully functional, it can replace some of your bulky cookware and leave more space on your countertop. Its ten cooking programs can definitely provide you with a wider range of food options to serve for your family and friends. Featured with all-around 3D Heating, Induction Heating technology, 2.0 ceramic coating layer for inner pot, and electronic control and digital display, TOSOT Multi-Function cooker is all you will ever need in the kitchen.

To find out the best multi-function cooker for your home, restaurant or catering business, visit TOSOT showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website http://www.tosot.com.ph/ to get more information about the best multi-function cooker in the Philippines.

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Every Household in the Philippines Should have the TOSOT Multi-Function Cooker

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