The Toughest Coffeemaker Built for Engineers

Meet the world’s toughest coffeemaker— COFFEEBOXX

Meet the world’s toughest coffeemaker— COFFEEBOXX™. Leaders in tech product reviews are raving about it. Some media dubbed it as “the roughest, toughest coffee machine on the planet…It is pretty much indestructible.”

Toughest Coffeemaker for Engineers (Source: KickStarter)

It is said to be built for those who bring it. And by it, they mean intensity, guts, blood, sweat, tears, the whole she-bang. It bears the unrelenting determination of hard-working people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty aka engineers.

Toughest Coffeemaker for Engineers (Source: OXX Beyond Rugged)

At 11 lbs, it is compact and ultra-portable, always ready to grab and go which makes it the perfect companion. COFFEEBOXX™ promises to deliver your favorite coffee anywhere you work and play – and I mean anywhere: from construction sites, to manufacturing plants, to laboratories. It’s spill-proof to prevent leaks during transport—even stored on its side. You can probably ride it on a rollercoaster and it won’t even leak.

Toughest Coffeemaker for Engineers (Source: KickStarter)

Plus, it is ridiculously strong. They don’t call it the toughest coffeemaker in the world for nothing. Countless of hours were spent developing a crush-proof chassis, rugged enough to park a car on. I repeat, rugged enough to park a car on! The COFFEEBOXX™ is engineered with impact-resistant polymers that survive serious drop and impact tests.

Clearly, the COFFEEBOXX™ is field tested to meet standards no one dared to set: crush-proof, dust-proof, spill-proof, rust-proof, water resistant, impact resistant. And no one in the world understands these standards more than badass engineers. This technological marvel is clearly designed to survive almost anything. Fellow badass engineer Tony Stark would most definitely approve!

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Toughest Coffeemaker for Engineers (Source: KickStarter)

But wait, there’s more. Equipped with a separate on-demand hot water system, the COFFEEBOXX™ gives you clean piping hot water. And unlike other home machines out there, no icky coffee residue. If you want a bowl of ramen, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

They say that behind every engineer is a substantial amount of coffee. I say, behind every successful engineer is a badass coffeemaker

Kristine Baggy
Contributor, Asia and the Pacific. Kristine is a graduate of BS in Applied Physics, Major in Instrumentation Physics at the University of the Philippines.

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The Toughest Coffeemaker Built for Engineers

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