Burn Calories and Save Electricity with these Self-Powered Treadmills

Save electricity and burn more calories with these completely self-powered treadmills.

Save electricity and burn more calories (Image Source: Electrolux)

Save electricity and burn more calories!

For those of us that went on a binge this holiday season, the first order of business for the New Year is to shed the unwanted pounds and get back in shape. Many of us will flock to the gyms, parks or fields to jumpstart what for most of us is an annual New Year’s resolution – lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

However, exercising outdoors or enroll in a gym and workout with other people is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people may want to stay at home and workout indoors, but that would oftentimes mean following an exercise video unassisted by a fitness professional or an buying expensive workout machines that not only occupies too much space, but also consumes a great deal of electricity. Good thing there are now proposed exercise equipment that no longer needs power to operate.

Save electricity and burn more calories (Image Source: Electrolux)

It is worth taking a close look at two of them: EcoMill and The Wheel.


EcoMill is a completely self-powered treadmill that can double up as a charging station for small devices, like mobile phones or mp3 players. The device works thanks to an onboard generator that converts human movement into electrical energy. Once the user begins to walk on EcoMill’s curved surface, the machine will begin moving. The user need not run all the time, as EcoMill only requires minimal movement to function. This means that the user has the freedom to run intensely run or leisurely walk while on the machine.

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Save electricity and burn more calories (Image Source: Woodway)

The Wheel

Aside from being an eco-friendly exercise machine, The Wheel’s trump card is its unique proposition of being a kinetic washing machine. Yes, a washing machine.

The Wheel is a perfect ménage à trois among fitness goals, environmental stewardship and household purpose. Not only will the user achieve a sexy and healthy body, he or she contributes in energy contribution, and at the same time enjoy clean clothes.

Moreover, The Wheel is capable of storing unused electricity. The stored power can then be used for other purposes apart from washing clothes.

Maintaining a healthy body and, at the same time, conserving electricity are great New Year’s resolutions to make. With the eco-friendly exercise machines on offer, we virtually do not have any excuse to stay unfit!

Save electricity and burn more calories (Image Source: Electrolux)


Loudette Fabian
Contributor, Asia and the Pacific. Loudette is a metallurgical engineering student at the University of the Philippines.

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Burn Calories and Save Electricity with these Self-Powered Treadmills

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