This Pillow is So Smart, It Helps You Sleep and Wake Up The Most Relaxing Way Possible

Arguably, the Sunrise Smart Pillow is the world’s smartest pillow.

The primary function of a pillow is to make you comfortable when you sleep. It pays to have at least one soft, cuddly pillow around as you rest the night away. But apparently, it could provide more than just comfort.

A pillow could now wake you up, alarm clock style. But far less annoying and far more innovative.

Called the Sunrise Smart Pillow, its name states what it exactly does.  It simulates a sunrise to wake you up with the smart technology of the pillow.


Source: Sunrise Smart Pillow

It works just by setting an alarm. That’s it. The Sunrise Smart Pillow takes care of the sunrise simulation, which comes from the light strips located in the sides of the pillow that should wake you up like the natural streaming of sunlight.

This is the first time that such pillow was created. What’s more amazing about it is the fact that it detects your sleep cycle and begins the wake-up process when you’re in the lightest phase of your sleep cycle. That way, it knows when to start the sunrise simulation, gradually, before the alarm goes off. It is all for a good night’s rest.

Yup, it still has an alarm, but it is not like the one from your smartphones wherein you will be startled. This pillow only plays nature sounds or any music of your choice to get you up.

Source: Sunrise Smart Pillow

The Sunrise Smart Pillow is paired with an app which allows you to track your sleep trends and history.  It is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for only $99, with an estimated delivery date on August 2017.

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Its team wrote on Kickstarter, ““The way we’ve been waking up (with ordinary alarms) is unnatural, even harmful, and needs to change. Waking from a deep sleep not only sabotages your morning energy & mood but more importantly your daily momentum.” Which we agree, so this smart pillow is indeed called for.

Source: Digital Trends

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This Pillow is So Smart, It Helps You Sleep and Wake Up The Most Relaxing Way Possible

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