Harley Davidson Creates Awesome Superhero Motorbikes

The highly-acclaimed motorcycle company has just released a custom chopper lineup that sure to wow all the Marvel fans out there. Presenting the “Super Hero Customs” from Harley-Davidson. Featuring a cool, superhero-inspired motorcycle lineup, all the motorcycles presented the heart of each superhero they were based on.

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This was presented to celebrate Captain America’s 75th anniversary, reminiscing how the Cap fought his way in comics before World War II. If you want to buy them for yourself, sadly, they’re not for sale. What you CAN do though is visit Harley-Davidson’s website for details on these superhero bikes. Much is known about Harley-Davidson’s connection with Marvel’s movie universe, but little is known about what future projects they have in store for us.

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Harley Davidson Creates Awesome Superhero Motorbikes

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