MANLIFT: The First Choice for Access Platform Jobs

The Manlift Way is the Only Way

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How do you provide a superior customer care experience? What kind of innovative and interesting way to delight and surprise your clients? When was the last time where you disrupted the routine of daily thoughts followed by daily routine of activities?

The key business values for all of the Manlift team are the same:

1) Ensuring a balance and proportional circle of trust with our clients

2) Making sure that we keep our promises, exceeding expectations in delivering the most cost effective solutions, and providing the most caring service to our clients

3) Timely response and giving the fastest resolution when the customer are reaching out for our support.

These are salient values and important prerequisites that are necessary to lay the foundation for a strong and long lasting customer experience. The catalyst that brings a delightful memorable experience for our clients happens when we combine, both the above mentioned values together with the essential ingredients of each value chain in the rental cycle process flow (see below graphic).


The Manlift Way is the Only Way

This is where and when the “Manlift Way” comes into play and takes over as a success formula. And when the actual rental fleet is hired by our customer, or as soon as they rent the most suitable access platform solution for each business application, the “Manlift Way” will be the competitive advantage in maximising work efficiency and effectiveness. It requires a culture of transparency, disposition to receive and act upon feedback and most of all embracing change for the better. The Manlift Way is also known as the operating model of the company. It is something that cannot be copied or become a “me-too” product. It is highly differentiated like a DNA ingrained in every employee’s way of thinking. It makes us who we are, what we stand for and how we deliver the best customer experience at Manlift.  Find out for yourself:


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MANLIFT: The First Choice for Access Platform Jobs

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