Honda Reveals Its Badass Self-Balancing Motorbike

With a bit of physics and engineering this badass baby makes it looks like it defies gravity!

For the last two decades, Honda has been investing a lot in its robot creation–Asimo. The humanoid robot just  started from just a wobbly set of mechanical legs to a running and dancing machine servant that has been, and is still wowing crowds at different motor shows and tech shows around the world. But it isn’t really something anyone could just purchase and use on a daily basis.

Now, Honda is putting their developments into something anyone can use and relate to. Honda has revealed a self-balancing motorcycle! That’s right, it can stand on its two wheels without any help from the rider!

Source: YouTube, Honda

Where you’re riding a motorbike and you’re moving at high speeds, balancing a bike does not pose much of a problem. But, as you slow down and lose momentum, gravity takes over and the motorbike gets a bit difficult to balance.

Honda showcased their new motorbike at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. They call this technology the Riding Assist technology. At the CES, they rolled the remote controlled NC750 out onto the stage all on its own.

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This Riding Assist-equipped motorcycle can do its job, standing on its own up to around 5 km/hr, balancing itself by means of computer controlled steering inputs. It’s the same concept as a regular rider would balance the motorbike, the only difference is that the bike (Riding Assist technology) is doing it for you.

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept is similar to this, but the difference is that Honda uses lean angle sensors instead of using heavy gyroscopes that keep the motorbike upright, this counteracts tipping points with the use of electronic steer-by-wire inputs and front fork angle adjustments.

Part of the awesome technology responsible for this work was transferred directly from Asimo, as well as Honda’s one-wheeled mobility scooter that is named the Uni-Cub.

Source: Highsnobiety

Once this Riding Assist technology makes it into production (and we hope it does),it would be marketed to the world as a safety feature for beginner to novice riders. Honda said that taking it into production would be relatively easy to do so.

So say goodbye to those kickstands!

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Honda Reveals Its Badass Self-Balancing Motorbike

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