Huawei and DoCoMo Conducts the World’s First 5G Large Scale Field Trial

Soon 5G will be within everybody’s reach.

4G Networks will now be a thing of the past after Huawei and DoCoMo announced their latest plans. The two companies have joined forces with the creation of the first 5G large scale field trial which yielded spectacular results. The technology produced 11.29Gbps throughput speeds with less than 0.5 milliseconds in latency. This trial was conducted in Yokohama Minato Mirai 21 District and made use of 5G New Radio current standards.

Huawei explain that they had one base station that served as a macro cell that worked in a 4.5GHz band. This macro cell ran on a 200MHz bandwidth, 23 UEs, and 64TRX on both mobile and static types. Their tests yielded the 11.29Gbps total user throughput which was possible with the use of 24 layers. The trial also concluded a peak spectrum efficiency of 79.82bps/Hz/cell. In comparison, the 0.5ms latency that was comes from the 5G frame structure and numerology is at around a tenth of the latency that 4G networks present.

Source: Huawei

There was a memorandum of understanding that both Huawei and DoCoMo signed last December of 2014. The plan included this and last year’s outdoor field trial of Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output done in China. According to Huawei, last year’s tests are still continuing, along with other tests which includes Polar Code, Sparse Code Multiple Access, and many others.

Takehiro Nakamura, vice president and managing director at NTT DoCoMo’s 5G lab, said that the results given by these trials push the industry closer to their goals. 5G commercialization is now possible by 2020, all thanks to this successful 5G large-scale field trial. “Our success in 5G large-scale field trial in the 4.5GHz band brought the whole industry one step closer to 5G commercialization by 2020,” Nakamura said. “DoCoMo and Huawei have been expanding their collaboration on 5G from R&D to international spectrum harmonization initiatives for 5G since December 2014. Together with Huawei, we will continue to promote 5G both from technical and ecosystem perspective.”

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Huawei is focusing a lot of resources on 5G technology development according to Dr. Wen Tong, chief technical officer of Huawei Wireless Networks.

NTT DoCoMo has also partnered with the Finnish networking company Nokia on 5G technology. They conducted a trial at the start of last year. They attained download speeds of 2 Gbps across a 70GHz millimetre wave spectrum. Recently, Huawei announced a 5G trial in Australia with Optus, a telecommunications carrier which attained speeds reaching 35 Gbps.  Similarly, the trial was conducted over the 73 GHz millimetre wave spectrum band. Addtionally, they used the Polar Code coding mechanism. Also,the test was part of Optus’ parent company Singtel’s MOU with Huawei.

Earlier this year, Optus and Huawei also conducted a live trial of 4.5G network technology. In the trial, they were able to attain download speeds of 1.41Gbps.

The trial has been completed in February this year in Optus’ Gigasite found in Newcastle. The trial was a collective of 5 x 20 MHz of Optus’ unique network frequency bands, together with 4 x 4 MIMO as well as 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) technologies. All these working together to achieve peak download speeds of 1.23 Gbps and theoretical maximum speeds of 1.43 Gbps.

With this expert team put together, the collaboration between NTT DoCoMo and Huawei will surely bring out great results as it will be forming the foundation of 5G.

Article Sources:
Economic Times



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Huawei and DoCoMo Conducts the World’s First 5G Large Scale Field Trial

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