How HVAC Engineers Should Choose An Air Handling Unit

Choosing the right AHU for your project can be confusing. Here's a great tip for HVAC Engineers.

One of the most important equipment that needs to be installed in company buildings, hotels, condominiums or any business structure or even homes, is the Air Handling Unit. It is this equipment that makes sure the users inside the structure are comfortable through satisfactory air conditioning.

Air Handling Units (AHU’s) consist of fans, filters, heating and cooling coils, heat recovery systems, air control dampers, as well as noise cancellers. AHU’s are particularly used along with heating and cooling systems. This kind of equipment is usually bulky and are attached to ductwork which distributes the conditioned air inside the building and in turn collects exhausted air.


Mekar is one of the best manufacturers of Air Handling Units. Their main headquarters is located in Venice, their factory in Verona, while their distribution center is located at Dubai, UAE. Mekar is a dynamic firm with a strong orientation towards technical innovation. With their 25 years of experience in manufacturing of air handling equipment, they are able to give the customers the best solution for every type of installation. To be able to choose the right Air Handling Unit for any building, HVAC engineers should be familiar with the factors that need to be considered.

Here are some of the factors HVAC engineers need to take into consideration when choosing an Air Handling Unit.

AHU Size

This is an important consideration and should be the first factor to be inspected. HVAC engineers should make sure that the purchased unit matches the capacity of the structure or place where the conditioned air is going to be delivered. Smaller spaces will require smaller Air Handling Units.

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Location of Installation

The next factor to consider in AHU installation is the location. Air Handling Units are usually installed in a mechanical room that is separated, although there are those which prefer to install these units on the rooftop so as not so compromise on the ground space. The Air Handling Unit manufacturers design different AHU’s in varying sizes so as to fulfill the need of the clients.

Type of Application

It is important to note that Air Handling Units that are used in combination with heating systems are different from that of those that are used in cooling and ventilation systems. The difference lies in the heating and cooling elements that are installed inside the unit. So depending on the climactic conditions of the area, this will be another factor to take into consideration when choosing an AHU. Make sure to check all the features of the AHU you are going to purchase, and inquire your concerns to the manufacturer.


With the different factors that we have mentioned, HVAC engineers will have a better idea on how to choose the right AHU for their project. Take note that every project has a unique set of criteria that needs to be studied to be able to get the best solution.

Each component within an AHU needs to be selected through research, analysis, and experience as well as keeping energy efficiency and maintainability in mind throughout the selection process.


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How HVAC Engineers Should Choose An Air Handling Unit

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