Advantages of Multi Variable DC Inverter VRF System

Top 5 Advantages of Installing Multi Variable DC Inverter VRF System in Philippine Buildings

VRF System

When the air conditioning system in the office is faulty, you must decide between investing in a replacement or spending for another costly repair. Whether these units have been performing poorly from the get-go or are nearing the end of their lives, these air conditioning systems, at their current state, cannot efficiently serve their purposes in the Philippines’ urban environment any longer. That being said, a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air cooling and conditioning system is one of the must haves in cooling the places the average, ordinary, everyday working Filipinos frequent.

Compared to traditional HVAC systems composed of a large central unit pumping out air to a whole new space, VRF system installations are gaining traction to urban locations. And, if one thing is for certain, there are countless business districts and high-rise buildings all around the metro just waiting to be cooled by a more efficient air conditioning system. This urban setting is perfect for the more efficient

TMV5 is a new generation of multi-VRF systems, integrating central air conditioning.

Having a TOSOT TMV-5 VRF system in the facility, whether it’s the most peaceful resort or the busiest casino in the metro, has a handful of advantages. These advantages can be surmised to overall operational efficiency, which is important for the facility visitors’ comfort and the least harmful to the wallet.

While efficiency and cost effectiveness alone is enough to attract any facility owner, here are 5 detailed reasons why the TOSOT TMV-5 VRF is a crystal clear front-runner compared to other HVAC systems for the Philippine urban setting.

It does not interrupt the comfort of others

A VRF system’s compressor unit is able to identify the requirements of each area and expel the exact amount of refrigerant needed to cool that room or area. The precision of these systems stamps out awkward cold spots, hot spots, and corrects off humidity issues. The TOSOT TMV-5 VRF steps it up by using an All DC inverter technology to improve compression efficiency

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It is as silent as a breeze

Instead of having one large, noisy central unit, the TOSOT TMV-5 VRF system is a quiet outdoor and indoor unit. They are much smaller and generate less sound. Since a VRF’s louder condensers are located outside the building, these contraptions operate silently, ensuring a quiet environment for visitors and workers alike.


It is energy efficient

With up to 22 HP in a single outdoor unit and the ability to connect a maximum of 80 sets indoor units per system, you can cool more rooms at a lesser cost with the TMV-5. The system is also able to intercept heat and, as part of the cooling process, channel this heat to other locations in the building, which may need heating. This cyclical process is another indication of the VRF’s cost-effectiveness.

It is clean, compact, and takes little space

In response to the many minimalists and Marie Kondos who praise a clean, decluttered design, facility owners would be happy to know that these HVAC VRF systems are small-space friendly and have a beautiful, near seamless design. It will blend with the environment, operating effectively while staying invisible to the public eye. And, if you needs to move, this system also travels lightly. You can say goodbye to large maintenance room, service shafts, distribution pips, and water pumps. Lacking these results in an overall easier installation experience and a cleaner look. Still in the theme of cleanliness, The TOSOT TMV-5 VRF system also has an eco-friendly R410a refrigerant, lessening your carbon footprint while making you comfortable.

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It talks to you

Everything utilizes smart technology nowadays, so it should come as no surprise that even air conditioning and cooling systems are jumping on that technological trend. TOSOT TMV-5 VRF system boasts ease of use and a smooth user experience with technologies such as non-polar CAN technology to improve communication efficiency and season setting and key card control functions for added security. These features allow users a less cluttered, less complex experience with the VRF system. It is like talking to the system itself.

So, whether you own a little coffee shop in one of the nooks and crannies of urban Manila, or looking over the rest of the world from atop a corporate building floor, you can rest easier knowing the cold breeze you are feeling right now is thanks to a TOSOT TMV-5 VRF system somewhere in the building.

To find out the best air conditioner for your offices, mansions or hotels, visit TOSOT showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website to get more information about the best split type premium aircon in the Philippines.

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Advantages of Multi Variable DC Inverter VRF System

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