Air Quality During Ash Fall is Harmful to your Child’s Health

TOSOT Air Purifier is the best solution to remove ash fall remnants and dusts inside your house

What are the harmful effects of ash fall for your child’s health?


The recent Taal volcano eruption has disrupted the quality living condition of many Filipinos in Luzon.  Whether there’s an ash fall or industrial pollution, parents should read this article carefully. Your children’s safety is at stake.

Filipinos are a familial people. Our families are akin to armies in terms of size and number and almost everything we decide upon is for the benefit of our family as a whole. Our culture also heavily revolves around babies—our social media feeds are flooded with photos and videos of newborns, we watch cute baby videos to pass the time, and we even pressure our newlywed friends to get pregnant ASAP as if their babies are ours to play with. Truly, we love kids.

We love our kids so much that we do everything in our power to give them the best things in life—the best education money can buy, the healthiest food for them to eat, and even the best quality air they can breathe.

That being said, the Philippine environment after the Taal Volcano eruption and ash fall aftermath can be remedied.

The sad truth is, whether there was a volcanic ash fall or not, the air quality in the country is at an all time low thanks to an increase in traffic congestion, cigarette use, aerosol sprays and disinfectants, deodorants, colognes and perfumes, and other sources of air pollution. The saturated state of the atmosphere can harm infants and children.

Luckily, with the TOSOT Air Purifiers, these kids can breathe easy, literally and figuratively, thanks to its many air-cleaning and pollutant-removing features. Having this in the house, office, school, or wherever your kids are is a guaranteed way of protecting them from harmful airborne pollutants.

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TOSOT Air Purifier is the best solution to remove ash fall remnants and dusts inside your house.

One of this product’s most useful features is its three filters. With an electrostatic filter, pre-filter, and ozone recovery filter, the TOSOT Air Purifier is more effective and more hard working compared to other purifiers, and does not let even the smallest types of particles through it. Because of the collaboration of these three filters, even the people with the most sensitive lungs can take in the purified air.

One such air pollutant it effectively removes is the formaldehyde, a colorless and odorless gas that is highly toxic when breathed. The TOSOT Air Purifier removes formaldehyde by keeping it stuck in its three types of filters.

It is also kitted with plasma purification technology that goes far beyond the expectations of removing pollutants from the air. This technology utilizes bipolar ionization to proactively purify indoor air at the source of contamination, effectively fostering a clean and clear breathing environment for the whole family.

Unlike traditional air purifiers, the TOSOT Air Purifiers are less difficult to clean. It has detachable parts that allow focused cleaning per part. When these parts are removed, it cannot be turned on, preventing it from breakage and accidental damage.

Not only is it efficient and effective for homes and offices, the TOSOT Air Purifier does not infringe upon the peace and quiet of the day. With its slim, elegant, and most importantly, quiet design, the TOSOT Air Purifier does its job well with utmost silence, not only fostering a clean and healthy atmosphere, but also one that is serene and perfect for people with a lot of tasks to do.

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The user experience of having a TOSOT Air Purifier does not disappoint. Unlike other air purifiers with a lot of twists and turns in the consumer journey, this product has a one button start-up and an easily readable light display for an additional information about the air quality of the room. Having these details at hand is helpful for the whole family. You can never have too much information when it comes to the quality of air you’re breathing.

The TOSOT Air Purifier isn’t just a must have for the home, but also hospitals and schools. Cleaning the atmosphere in these facilities is as important as cleaning the air at home because these are where the next generations are born and raised alongside the house.

Overall, every little factor that affects the growth of the next generation ought to be thought about, from what they eat at an early age, to the cleanliness of the air they breathe. It may sound like overprotectiveness, but it’s true. It may be a simple change in the atmosphere, but this simple change can give the best a child deserves: clean air from birth up until adulthood. After all, we would like to give the best life for the future generations of leaders and world changers.

With the TOSOT Air Purifier, you can rest well knowing that the air you and your child are breathing are one and the same—cool, fully cleaned air with no trace of pollutants to give them a hard time breathing.

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Air Quality During Ash Fall is Harmful to your Child’s Health

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