This Might Be the Best Wall Mounted Aircon in the Philippines

With the growing range of choices for split-type aircon in the market, here are a few justifiable reasons why this might be the best split type aircon yet

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Buying an air conditioning unit can be a very confusing task. Considering the handful of types and sizes of aircon available in the market, choosing which one is the most appropriate for your homes and establishments can be quite puzzling. Honestly, there are quite a few factors to keep in mind before purchasing an aircon, so to make the decision more of an ease and less of a hassle, here are a few reasons why TOSOT LOMO A5 Series Inverter might be the perfect wall mounted air-conditioner for you.

What is a Split-type Aircon?

A split-type aircon is a type of central air-conditioning system. Split-type air-conditioning units are composed of two major peripherals: a relatively large compressor or condenser typically placed outside the home and an air-handling unit placed inside. The two units are linked via a conduit which keeps the suction tubing, refrigerant tubing, condensate drain, and power cable together. The compressor is ideally placed outdoors since it can be quite noisy and hot when operating.

General Benefits of Wall Mounted (Split-type) Aircon

But among the multitude of aircon types one can see in the nearby appliance store, why choose a split-type?

  • Permanent Cooling

While split-type AC requires some minor construction and professional installation that can somewhat be a hassle for the homeowners and the contractors, choosing this kind of air-conditioning unit is more of an advantage rather than a burden. The Philippines is sunny and humid most of the year and requires that homes and establishments are cool and comfortable almost every day. So having permanent cooling equipment available for use is such a great convenience during these times.

  • Less Intrusion

The TOSOT LOMO A5 Series Inverter aircon, built to be compact and stylish, is wall mounted and frees your windows. You don’t need to block any openings with window-type ACs so you can enjoy the warm summer sunlight filling your home. The floor area is also not covered with bulky portable air coolers. Furthermore, it produces more subtle sounds compared to the other types, making it a better choice for a home and establishment aircon.

  • More Appealing
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Compared to a window-type aircon, TOSOT wall mounted aircon is more pleasant to the eyes and adds to the aesthetics of the entire room.

  • Well-Insulated

Split-type aircons are also well-insulated than the regular window-type AC which has poor insulation. Better insulation means greater energy efficiency.

Features to Look Out For in the Split-type (Wall Mounted) Aircon

  • Earth-friendly

Furnished with an all-new refrigerant called R32, TOSOT LOMO A5 Series Inverter aircon is both energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

  • Precise Temperature Control

In buying the perfect aircon for your home, one thing to consider is the capability of the unit to output precise temperature control just like the TOSOT LOMO A5 aircon.

  • Remote and Wired Control

Since the unit is basically installed a few feet up on the wall, it is convenient and flexible for the user to control the aircon from anywhere within the line of sight of the unit. There is also a wired control if ever your remote is out of batteries.

Considerations in Buying Split-type Aircon

Before buying a split-type aircon for your homes, it is best to determine the dimensions of the room where you want your aircon to be installed. Ideally, large rooms with more than 40 square meters will require a minimum output capacity of 10,000 BTU/hour, while for medium-sized rooms, about 9,000 BTU/hour is already enough.

Good thing the TOSOT LOMO A5 Series aircons’ output capacity has a wide range from 9000 BTU/hour to 17000 BTU/hour. The TWC09VRE which has a capacity of 9000 BTU/hour is best for rooms with floor areas from 32 to 37 square meters. The TWC12VRE, on the other hand, fits rooms up to 51 square meters. The biggest unit in the series, the TWC18VRE can cool rooms with floor areas about 90 square meters.

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Another factor to consider is buying an inverter-type aircon, like the TOSOT LOMO A5 Series. In regular ACs, the compressor turns on or off depending on the room’s temperature, but in inverter types, the compressor is always on but consumes varying amounts of power depending on the temperature. This is certainly less energy-consuming since the compressor does not always operate at its maximum capacity. This also lengthens its life span as the load is lesser compared to the regular ones. The inverter-type may be a bit more expensive, but the investment is sure worth it in the long run. Inverter ACs reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent, cutting back on your monthly electricity bills.

To find out the best wall mounted air conditioner for your home, office or party event venue, visit TOSOT showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website (click here) to get more information about the best split type aircon in the Philippines.

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This Might Be the Best Wall Mounted Aircon in the Philippines

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