Choosing the Right Window Type Aircon for Philippine Consumers

A comprehensive guide for Filipinos in selecting the perfect type of air conditioning unit for condos or large vacation houses this summer

Are you looking for the perfect window type aircon this summer?

There is no better way to beat the heat than getting that window type air conditioner installed in your homes. But with the countless brands and types of these cooling units available in the market, how do you exactly know which is which? Worry no more because we made the choosing easier. Here’s the nitty-gritty on buying the best window type AC for Philippine homes.

R-32 Eco-friendly Refrigerant

The R-32 is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant that can save you money and protect the earth’s ozone layer.

R-32 is the latest refrigerant that has been recognized by environmentalists, scientists and HVACR engineers to be the most effective cooling medium for conveying heat. R-32 can significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption by up to 10% when compared to other air conditioning units that are using refrigerant R-22. Likewise, R-32 as opposed to other refrigerants like R-22 and R-410A, has the least global warming potential (GWP). R-32 GWP is 30% much lower as opposed to the existing refrigerants (R-22 and R-410A) in the temperature control market. R-32 has less environmental impact with significant reduction in global warming. Consumers can now save money and protect the environment at the same time.

So when choosing a window type aircon for your home, office or commercial establishment, ensure that you are buying an R-32 Refrigerant air conditioner.

What Features to Look For

Having an air-conditioning unit can surely make a great impact on your electricity bill so choosing the most energy-efficient one can cut back on your costs. Here are four of the features you should check when canvassing for the perfect window type aircon.

  • Sleep Setting

With a sleep setting, the unit switches to low values when the homeowners are sleeping, making the unit less noisy and the air more comfortable and convenient for sleep.

  • Easy-to-access Filters

Filters that are easily accessible for maintenance can lengthen the life span of the unit.

  • Electronic Control
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Controlling the temperature by degrees is a great flexibility to the users.

  • Timer

You can set the time when to turn on/off the unit to help you save cost and energy.

What Size of Window Type Aircon to Buy

It may not be very obvious to you, but determining the size of your window type aircon is the most crucial decision you will ever have to make. When selecting the appropriate size of window type aircon you want to install in your homes, the first consideration should not be the size of the window where it will be installed, rather the size of the room. Choosing a size too small for the room will be insufficient to cool the whole area by itself. Meanwhile, picking a unit too big will do a better job of cooling the room quickly but will not be very cost-efficient since the bigger the unit is, the more energy it consumes. Aside from that, a large aircon in a small room will only cause more humidity in the air and will make it feel more uncomfortable than before.

To know the proper size of your unit, you may need a little geometry to figure out your room size. If you have a regularly shaped rectangle or square room, simply multiply the length of the room by its width. For triangular rooms, your room size is half of the product of the length and the width. If you do have odd-shaped rooms that are neither squares nor triangles, you can divide the rooms into regular shapes that are easier to calculate and just add the products. In case you do have any contact with your house’s engineer/architect, you may just ask them for the floor area of that specific room so you wouldn’t need to do the math.

Once you have the accurate room size, you can now proceed to note the actual cooling capacity (in BTU) needed for your aircon. The table below shows the area where you want your units installed and its corresponding cooling capacity.

Recommended Table

Sq.Ft Sq.Ft
70 100 5000
85 125 6000
100 150 7000
115 170 8000
130 190 9000
145 210 10000
175 250 12000
200 290 14000
260 375 18000
300 440 21000
330 480 23000
360 520 25000
400 580 28000
520 750 36000
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There are also several other factors to consider to determine the most accurate cooling capacity you need, such as:

  • Sunlight

When the room comes in direct sunlight or is considerably sunny during the day, add another 10% to the cooling capacity.

  • Shade

Otherwise, if the room is heavily shaded, decrease the capacity by 10%.

  • Ceiling

If you have ceilings higher than the normal 8 feet, it is advisable to increase your cooling capacity.

  • Kitchen Area

Add another 4,000 BTU to your cooling capacity if the unit will be installed in the kitchen.

  • Number of Room Occupants

If the regular occupants of the room are more than 2, increase the capacity by 600 BTU for each additional person.

  • Climate

Warmer climates like the Philippines may need an aircon with higher BTU output.

Good thing the Window Type Inverter (R32) air conditioner from TOSOT, the best aircon supplier in the Philippines, offers more than just the above features. With its R32 Refrigerant, air conditioning has never been this eco-friendly. Equipped with powerful cooling but energy-efficient mechanisms, you can save on cost and energy by up to 50 percent! Its high performance, durability, and up-to-date design will surely not disappoint you this coming summer.

The TOSOT Window Type Inverter (R32) air conditioner is available in different capacity sizes: 1.0HP, 1.5HP, 2.0HP and 2.5HP.

To find out the best aircon for your home, visit TOSOT Philippines showroom located at 2162 FB Harrison St., San Jose, Pasay City, Philippines or call +632-8330000 to book an appointment. You may also visit their website (click here) to get more information about the best aircon units in the Philippines.

This product is also available at Lazada (click here) and Adobomall (click here) online shopping sites.


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Choosing the Right Window Type Aircon for Philippine Consumers

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