Cooling Device from Recycled Plastic Soda Bottles Uses Zero Energy

Here’s how a simple cooling idea can make a big difference!

Upcycle: from plastic bottles to cooling device

There are so many places around the world where heat is a major problem, and some villages in these hot areas can’t afford proper HVAC or high tech cooling systems. So the Grey Dhaka agency and employees from GISBL (Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd.) started a project to create an eco-cooler that used zero energy—and they did!

By using repurposed plastic soda bottles, they have developed a simple yet very effective eco-cooler that doesn’t need electricity.

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There isn’t really electronics or tech in the idea—it’s mostly a mix of physics and innovation. The soda bottles are cut in half across the middle and arranged in an array and attached to a board. The side of the board where the smaller openings of the soda bottles are—will be facing the window, while the side where the larger bottle openings are—will be facing the outer side as demonstrated in this video:


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The science is that as hot air passes through the large openings, the air will be compressed in the small openings and will produce colder air. This helps reduce the temperatures by 5 degrees! The makers of this project encourage everyone to follow this design, with the steps available on their website and make their own version of the eco-cooler.

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Cooling Device from Recycled Plastic Soda Bottles Uses Zero Energy

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